Rise in lamb trade and strong trade for ewes at Gortin

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A rise in lamb trade and a strong trade for ewes on Monday. Prices as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Seamus McBride £86.50/24kg, David Hutchinson £86/23kg, Frank McConville £86/23kg,Gary Rankin £86.50/25kg, Noel McIlwaine £85.80/22kg, Albert Baxter £85.50/24kg, James O’Hagan £85/23kg, Gorthill Farms £84/22kg, Sean McDonald £84/22kg, Martin Brennan £83.50/21kg, S & A Conway £83.50/21kg, E Cartwright £83.50/23kg, Raymond Kelly £82.80/22kg, Peter ONeill £81.80/21kg, G Lennox £81.20/21kg, Leslie Pollock £81.20/22kg,Eamon McGirr £81/20kg, Pearse Foster £78/20kg.

FAT EWES: Seamus McBride £100, D Conway £99, £86.50, £86.50, G Lennox £84,£82, Frank McConville £84, Enda Cartwright £78.50, C Farlow £78.50, £78.50, Martin McCrory £78.50, William Crawford £76, I McCutcheon £75.50

EWES & LAMBS: Conall Daly £172, £170,`Paul Boone £161,£132, William Crawford £160, £140, £138,£118, Ernest Temple £125, £120, £118, M Conway £122, Richard Hawkes £118.