Rising trade for cattle at Draperstown

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Friday’s sale was sold to a rising trade. New buyers in town!

More stock need to meet their demand! Bullocks £1220/520kg, Heifers £1080/480kg, Weanlings up to £900 and Fat Cows £1241/850kg.

BULLOCKS: J Hegerty £1220/520kg, £1190/540kg, £1180/540kg, Robert Henry £1190/660kg, Trevor Paul £1150/620kg, Raymond McTeague £1125/520kg, John Lennon £1115/640kg, Robert Henry £1115/610kg, John Quinn £1110/570kg, Joseph McKenna £1095/510kg, £1090/480kg, Kenneth Johnston £1085/630kg, £1085/570kg, John Quinn £1075/530kg, Valerie McCrea £1075/520kg, Trewvor Paul £1060/540kg, Kenneth Johnston £1060/530kg, £1045/540kg, James Armstrong £1060/630kg, James Millar £1055/580kg, John Logue £1050/550kg, Tom Rodgers £1045/580kg, John Quinn £1045/540kg,£1045/540kg, John McKenna £1035/430kg, John Logue £1035/550kg, £1005/560kg, Martin Devlin £1020/560kg, Gerard O’Hagan £1015/550kg, Raymond McTeague £1010/430kg, Valerie McCrea £1000/560kg, £1000/590kg, Joseph McKenna £1000/410kg

HEIFERS: C Milligan £1080/480kg, £1040/500kg,Sean ONeill £950/500kg, Martin Devlin £945/540kg, John Johnston £920/530kg, James Chivers £890/390kg, Martin Devlin £875/520kg, £870/520kg,£845/500kg, John Quinn £860/490kg, £800/410kg, £830/520kg,£770/430kg, David & Clive McAdoo £855/470kg,Shane Burke £840/510kg, Martin Devlin £830/500kg, £820/480kg, £810/540kg, £810/520kg, £795/500kg, John Johnston £820/490kg, William Donnell £800/530kg, James Chivers £800/450kg,Shane Burke £780/460kg, Martin Devlin £780/480kg, £770/480kg

WEANLINGS MALE: Gerard McCrory £900/590kg, John McCorry £815/390kg, David Nesbitt £790/370kg, £790/350kg, Gerard McCrory £785/420kg, Richard Charles £770/470kg, D & G McMaster £760/380kg, £745/350kg, £735/350kg, £660/330KG, £585/250KG, John McCrory £730/330kg, £720/320kg, P Lennon £730/360kg, £675/320kg, £640/340kg, £640/320kg, Sarah O’Neill £630/260kg, Pat McKenna £525/280kg

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Brian O’Neill £700/420kg, £670/380kg, £645/390kg, Patrick Murray £675/360kg, Gerard McCrory £640/380kg, Richard Charles £615/340kg, D & G McMaster £600/360kg, Gerard McCrory £600/420kg, £585/380kg, Patrick Murray £585/330kg, D & G McMaster £580/320kg, Sarah Bell £570/330kg, P Lennon £570/320kg, Brian ONeill £560/270kg, £550/300kg, Patrick Murray £530/270kg

FAT COWS: Hugh Heron £1241/850kg, £1011.20/790kg, £905.20/730kg, Patrick O’Kane £930/620kg, Robert Ferguson £894.60/710kg, Hugh Heron £868/700kg, Brian O’Neill £861.40/730kg, Shane Burke £837.50/670kg, Hugh Heron £813.60/720kg, J Ryan £792/660kg, Valerie McCrea £782/680kg, Hugh Heron £775/620kg, Peter McGurk £713.70/610kg