Ritchie welcomes her appointment to EFRA Committee

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SDLP MP for South Down, Margaret Ritchie, has welcomed her appointment to the Select Committee for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Ms Ritchie sat on the Committee in the previous Parliament.

Ms Ritchie said:“I am delighted that I can continue to be a strong voice for Northern Ireland’s farmers, fishermen and consumers on the EFRA Committee. Having a representative from a rural constituency in Northern Ireland is essential to represent our agricultural and fishing communities.

“In this Parliament membership of the EU will feature heavily. I will use my position on the committee to highlight the importance of continued membership of the EU for Northern Ireland’s agricultural and fisheries sector.

“Other pressing issues that I will encourage the Committee to explore are ensuring that we have sufficient global food supply; the impact of coastal flooding and eroision on communities and on the environment; the challenges facing the dairy industry and the white fish sector in the Irish Sea. I look forward to working with colleagues on the committee to investigate and highlight these issues and to continue to provide strong representation for Northern Ireland.”