Robin is new Hereford chairman

Robin Irvine
Robin Irvine

Robin Irvine, of Graceland Herefords, Co. Armagh has been elected as Chairman of the Hereford Society Council for the ensuing three years 2018-20.

Robin has served on Council for a number of years including a term as President in 2007 and as Chairman in 2009-11.

Commenting after his appointment, a delighted Mr Irvine stated: “The development of the Hereford breed in recent years has been tremendous – whether we measure it in terms of pedigree registrations or in the £millions earned in premiums from Hereford Branded Beef.

“The rise in popularity of the Hereford Breed has been a long and positive journey however there is still much to be done. We need to build on the strong links through the supply chain and will continue to develop the breed through effective strategies, embracing the evolving technologies available to the pedigree beef sector. These are challenges for myself as Chairman and our new Council. We take office at a time of tremendous opportunity for the breed and I very much look forward to the next three years,” he added.