Rural dwellers urged to join action groups

robin swann
robin swann

North Antrim MLA Robin Swann has called on rural dwellers throughout the constituency to become involved in Local Action Groups “to ensure the future stability and existence of the much-needed rural communities”.

His appeal came during questions on the issue to the Stormont Agriculture Minister in which she said that 40 events have now been held across the rural areas of Northern Ireland to encourage rural dwellers to join the new local action groups (LAGs).

Mr Swann asked the minister: “Can she give an update on how LAG staff members will be transferred between the old and new LAGs?”

Responding to Mr Swann, the minister said: “I can give the member more detail in writing; I do not have that detail here.

“Suffice to say, we are working with councils because they were the employers.

“That is a process that is being worked through at this time, but I am happy to provide the member with more detail in writing.”

Mr Swann added: “Given that the new super councils will come into operation in a few months’ time, it is of vital importance that our rural communities are effectively organised to meet this local government reorganisation challenge.

“Clearly, one way in which the identities and future survival of rural communities can be maintained is by becoming involved with local action groups.

“In this respect, I appeal to as many rural dwellers as possible throughout North Antrim to join a local action group and help preserve the constituency’s rich rural culture,” said Assemblyman Swann.