Sainsbury’s switches to 100% British new season lamb

Sainsbury's will switch to 100% British new season lamb as of 1st July 2017
Sainsbury's will switch to 100% British new season lamb as of 1st July 2017

Sainsbury’s has announced that, as of 1st July 2017, all of the supermarket’s fresh lamb will be 100% British and 100% ‘New Season’,

The 100% British lamb offering will provide customers with quality tender lamb throughout the 2017 season, as well as bolstering the supermarket’s support for the British lamb industry.

Working closely with Sainsbury’s dedicated Lamb Development Group, a network of nearly one thousand British farmers, the grocery retailer will bring the very best new season lamb to its stores across the UK.

An early Spring with plentiful sunshine has been a welcome start to the 2017 British lambing season, and the warmer and drier conditions have meant strong grass growth, which in turn brings forward the supply and availability of new season lamb.

Beth Hart, Head of Agriculture for Sainsbury’s, said: “At Sainsbury’s, we sell British lamb all year round and our chilled Taste the Difference, Organic range and meat counter products are 100% British. Switching our core lamb range across to 100% British lamb in season means we are supporting our British farmers.”

Hugh Darbishire, a farmer and member of the Sainsbury’s Lamb Development Group, said: “It’s reassuring to British lamb farmers to have the commitment and support of such a big player in the industry. I’ve worked closely with Sainsbury’s for more than six years, and seen my business transform during that time because of their knowledge and expertise in leading farming practices.”