Saved by the death of a lamb

Rev. David McMillan
Rev. David McMillan

Many years ago in Germany a steeplejack was doing some work on the top of a church spire.

In the course of his work he lost his footing, slipped and fell. He frantically tried to save himself by clutching onto one of the ledges but to no avail. It seemed as if he was going to loose his life because he was plunging hastily towards the ground.

But the church that he was working on was in a country parish and sheep generally ran freely in the churchyard.

In the providence of God on the day that he fell there was a large lamb on the ground below him. The lamb broke his fall and saved his life. When he recovered from the shock of the fall and was able to get back on his feet he was amazed to find that his injuries were minimal but by contrast the lamb was dead.

The story became very famous as it was told widely throughout Germany. As the man relayed the details of what happened he always stated that he was ‘saved by the lamb’. What a great testimony!

The theme of the death of a Lamb is one that runs right throughout the Bible (Gen 22:8 & Ex 12:3). This is one of the great themes of Scripture. It is summed up in the words of John the Baptist when he declared: “Behold the lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” (John 1:29).

This lamb can provide a far greater salvation than the German lamb ever did. Because John was identifying God’s Lamb as the Lord Jesus Christ and He alone can take your sins away and save you from Eternal death.

Every Christian likes to speak of this precious theme and tell of ‘being saved by the death of God’s Lamb’. Is that your Testimony? If not, then look today by faith to the Lamb of God for Salvation.

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