Scottish dairy farmer praises Easycal

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Easycal®, produced by Animax is a convenient, pocket-size bottle and applicator so no bulky boluses or syringes are required. Each bottle provides 65g of calcium which is 50% more calcium than most bolus type supplements and is easily absorbed, non-irritating and effective for 12-15 hours.

Robert Hunter, former president of Holstein Scotland South, has a family-run farm in Shotts, Lanarkshire, with no outside help. The system therefore has to be simple and minimising problems due to milk fever is a priority.

With such high yielding cows – Robert’s Holsteins are currently averaging 9,700 litres and his Jerseys 6,940 litres – milk fever can be an issue in these cows and Robert has found that Easycal® provides extra calcium in this situation.

Easycal® is a high level oral calcium supplement designed to reduce the risk of milk fever at calving and it can be given quickly in the risk period.

“It is absolutely brilliant,” says Robert.

He highlights one incident earlier this year. “The Jersey cow was calving her sixth calf in the field one morning when we were on silage. She was an old cow and one that produced 9,000kg in her last lactation and that is way above what a Jersey can eat for. We ran over to her to put an Easycal® application down her throat and kept going on the silage for her diet. We gave her another Easycal® that night as recommended and that cow never looked back. It is the first time we have calved that cow and not given her calcium in the vein.”

Not only did Robert find Easycal® effective but easy to give too. “It is dead easy to give. If you give a Jersey a calcium bolus, 50% of them will bring the bolus back up again but with Easycal® once it is in, it is in.”

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