Season gets started in Mullingar

Ronnie Williamson, Newry & Dist, 1st Sect G
Ronnie Williamson, Newry & Dist, 1st Sect G

The N.I.P.A. were in Mullingar for the opening old bird race of the season.

The birds were liberated on Saturday 09/04/16 at 9.45 am into a light south westerly breeze. Top birds on the day winning 1st, 3rd & 5th Club Coleraine Premier, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sect B (77/2,083) and 1st 3rd & 5th Open (470/10,866) belong to the partnership of T & J McDonald. Congratulations on your latest top performance in the opening race of the NIPA old bird season.

Glenn McNeilly, Ballyclare & Dist HPS winner, pictured with grandson Harry

Glenn McNeilly, Ballyclare & Dist HPS winner, pictured with grandson Harry

The Pigeon Craic Result Site - had the usual first week hiccups but all is now sorted for the coming weeks race. I am appealing for all clubs that have not already joined - please join - only one admin per club, so appoint someone to post your result on the web for all to view plus winners picture if you wish.

You can also join as a member to comment on any winners if you wish. There is also a tab for winners pics and this will contain all the seasons winners pictures. Also the weekly reports and all Open results can be accessed in the weekly reports section at the top of the home page. Just click to view - patience, patience - just give the site a chance to promote all the clubs that join.

Many thanks for all who support the site.

Section C Report

Ian Gibb - I Gibb & Sons, Glenavy, 1st Sect D pictured with grand-daughter Effie proudly admiring the weekend winner

Ian Gibb - I Gibb & Sons, Glenavy, 1st Sect D pictured with grand-daughter Effie proudly admiring the weekend winner

Top bird in Section C and having a fantastic opening race was the partnership of D & J Armstrong & Son of Carrick Social. I said fantastic for the top winning loft won 1st & 2nd Section (97/1,982) plus 12th & 13th NIPA Open. Winning 1st Section is a smart looking blue pied hen. Breeding is the very best of Bob Fenech & Syndicate Lofts, Peter Fox. Congratulations guys on your recent top success in the opening race of the season.

Ballycarry: 1st N Arthurs 1495, 2nd 3rd 4th A Cooke 1467, 1466, 1466.

Ballyclare HPS: 1st 4th G McNeilly 1463, 1410, 2nd 3rd WR Moore & Son 1419, 1417. Glenn wins with one of his Vandenabeeles. The sire of this week’s winner is a grandson of the world famous Shadow of M & D Evans. He also bred Glenn’s second pigeon in the Yearling National last year who finished 32nd Open in a difficult race.

Carrick & Dist HPS: 8/76 1st 4th W Degnan & T McKee 1414, 1342, 2nd R McIlroy & Son 1374, 3rd T Creighton & Son 1346. This week’s winner is a two year old cock bred from stock obtained from good friend Owen Markey, Ballyholland.

D & J Armstrong & Son, Carrick Social, 1st & 2nd Sect C.

D & J Armstrong & Son, Carrick Social, 1st & 2nd Sect C.

Carrick Social: 11/288 1st 2nd 3rd D & J Armstrong & Son 1498, 1496, 1465, 4th Mr & Mrs Robinson 1448. Great start for the Armstrong partnership.

Cushendall: 1st 2nd G McClafferty 1332, 1229, 3rd A McNaughton 1228.

Doagh & Dist HPS: 9/192 1st 4th A & N Lewis 1415, 1359, 2nd 3rd B & M Gilmore 1388, 1388.

Eastway HPS: 13/196 1st 2nd J Burrows 1490, 1451, 3rd 4th M & T Griffiths 1451, 1450.

Glenarm & Dist HPS: 6/109 1st O O’Neill & Son 1419, 2nd 3rd 4th Currell & Robinson 1373, 1372, 1372.

Horseshoe HPS: 1st 2nd 3rd K & D Hagan 1458, 1456, 1429, 4th J & D McWhirter 1426.

Larne & Dist HPS: 9/208 1st 3rd Rea & Magill 1489, 1471, 2nd R Glass 1484, 4th R Mills & Son 1441. This week’s winner for the top racing partnership was a Van Herck, a 2 year old hen, bred from P & J Boal stock. This is this hen’s third win.

Ligoniel & Dist HPS: 20/464 1st 3rd G & M Atcheson 1487, 1462, 2nd 4th Bingham & Seaton 1475, 1449. This week’s winner for Michael is a yearling widowhood cock who is a son of a half brother of Champion Greggor.

Section D Report:

Top bird in Section D winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd Club Glenavy and 1st Sect D (55/ 1,411) is the partnership of Ian Gibb & Sons. This week’s winner is the same way bred as E-J, previous winner of 1st Open Fermoy 19390b and Irish region RPRA award best young bird 2013. He is also a grandson of Golden Ace responsible for five 1st Sections and two 1st Open NIPA. Congratulations guys on your latest top success.

Colin: 3/165 1st 2nd 3rd 4th J Gregory & Sons 1470, 1469, 1458, 1457. Winning pigeon is a yearling roundabout hen who also won from Fermoy as a young bird.

Dromara: 1st 3rd Walker Bros 1262, 1212, 2nd Russell Bros 1247.

Dromore HPS: 1st 2nd P & J Boal 1456, 1454, 3rd J Greenaway 1418.

Dunedin: 1st Cowan & McCartney 1414, 2nd M Foulis 1410, 3rd P McLean 1410.

Glenavy & Dist: 1st 2nd 3rd I Gibb & Sons 1475, 1429, 1427.

Harmony HPS: 7/191 1st 2nd 3rd J Hall & Son 1428, 1428, 1417, 4th R Hunter 1390.

Hillsborough & Maze: 6/196 1st H Jennings & Son 1454, 2nd S Grainger & Son 1453, 3rd C & E Mallon 1432, 4th G & P Lavery 1419. Harry and Gary get their season off to a good start from the opening race from Mullingar. The guys timed their good two year old Hereman Cuester cock to lift the first red card of the season. Their winner is a previous winner from Fermoy and has also won other prizes. His full brother also won 1st club Talbenny last year.

Kingswood: 7/234 1st 3rd 4th R & R Kemp & McBride 1406, 1386, 1385, 2nd W & R Evans & Leahy. Great start to the year for the loft of R&R Kemp & R.McBride, also well done to all in the prizes.

Lisburn & Dist: 6/113 1st 4th H Browne 1424, 1404, 2nd 3rd Spence Bros 1423, 1404.Harry takes the red card over Spence Bros by a decimal point in an erratic starter from Mullingar.

South Belfast: 1st 2nd 3rd A McEwen 1350, 1316, 1298.

Titanic: 7/123 1st 2nd Gregg Bros & McCandless 1433, 1433, 3rd 4th D McElhone 1429, 1420. “The Boys Are Back In Town”. Congratulations to Paul & Stephen Gregg, Gregg Brothers & McCandless, on winning 1st & 2nd in the first race of the new NIPA club Titanic HPS from myself and all the club members. A super race by D McElhone winning 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th club just getting split by the crack partnership of W & R Evans & Leahy who were 6th club. A new start to a new club which was enjoyed by all competing members.

Section F Report:

Top bird in Section F winning 1st, 2nd & 3rd Club Harmony HPS & 1st, 2nd Sect F (39/651) is father/son partnership of J Hall & Son. Their latest top two birds came together and clock on the same second. Both are from their own Hartog family. The winner is a blue Hartog Cock and his sister also won the section on the 09/08/2014. Their second bird is a blue Hartog Hen. She is a sister to 1st open NIPA 21,500 birds on the 06/08/2012 and also sister to 6th open NCC one loft race final 2016. Congratulations guys on your recent top success.

Ards HPS: 9/128 1st B Griffiths 1412, 2nd Plunkett Pollock & Nelson 1374, 3rd J & L Lawson 1362, 4th W Ennis 1362.

Comber Central: 9/110 1st C Hutchinson 1392, 2nd 3rd 4th A Crawford 1382, 1377, 1360.

Killyleagh & Dist: 1st A Lavery & Son 1362, 2nd K Murray 1308, 3rd P Murray 1293.

Killyleagh Central: 1st 2nd C Healy 1418, 1383, 3rd T Smyth 1354.

Section G Report:

Top bird this week winning 1st Club Newry & Dist & 1st Sect G (31/810) is Ronnie Williamson. Ronnie continues where he left off last season - at the top - plus tops the NorthSouth Fed & Section G. Another great start for Ronnie. Congratulations Ron on your recent top success.

Ballyholland: 1st 3rd Sands & Rice 1326, 1279, 2nd M McDonald & Sons 1294, 4th M Peters 1214.

Banbridge Social: 1st 2nd 3rd McGrath & McParland 1357, 1357, 1303.

Donacloney: 1st G & S McMullan 1381, 2nd T & K Mawhinney 1348, 3rd E Murray 1317.

Milltown & Dist: 1st 2nd 3rd J Mount & Son 1305, 1280, 1238.

Millvale: 6/112 1st 2nd 4th T Mooney & Son 1300, 1264, 1208, 3rd E Lennon 1227.

Newry & Dist: 1st 2nd R Williamson 1387, 1383, 3rd JF McCabe & Son 1363.


At present, the birds belonging to the late Len Russell from Cullybackey, are being arranged into a series of three sales.

The first sale will be the stock birds and will be held on Thursday 14th April at 8pm - on view 7pm. Venue: Chimney Corner Football Club. On offer will be the very best of the Busschaert, Heylens, Dordins, Panis etc family of birds. Pedigrees are brief but the quality is top drawer.

The second sale will be the racers to be held on Thursday 21st April at 8pm. Some top birds including Winner 6th Open Quimper 2015 with the final sale the multi award winning Eyesign Family - Thursday 28th April at 8pm. More information next week. Please note - No birds will or have been sold prior to the above sales.

Harmony HPS Result

Mullingar - 09/04/16: 1. J Hall & Son 1428.8890; 2. J Hall & Son 1428.8890; 3. J Hall & Son 1417.3560; 4. Rab Hunter 1390.883; 5. P Byrne & Son 1381.8220; 6. P Byrne & Son 1377.8990; 7. Tommy McKinstry 1372.964; 8. Delaney & McCambridge 1369.826; 9. J Hall & Son 1368.9680; 10. J Hall & Son 1368.7840