Season long weed control around hedgerows

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Welcome to the first crop crack of 2017. It is possible to still achieve excellent weed control for some weeks yet in situations on farm, commercial forestry, ornamental plantings and recreation areas.

Season long control of grasses and most broad-leaved weeds is possible by applying Kerb Granules at this time. KERB is a pre- and post-emergence residual herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grasses and a wide range of other weeds. Propyzamid, the active ingredient in Kerb, works by inhibiting cell division, disrupting the growth process and leading to eventual death of the weed.

Kerb can be applied to all soil types, therefore allowing its use in many areas where weed control is needed. Kerb is the ideal herbicide for forestry and woodland (including farm forestry), ornamental shrubberies and rose beds, hedges, fence lines and gravel pathways.

Where shrub beds are mulched Kerb Granules must be applied immediately prior to mulching if weeds are to be prevented from growing through the mulch. Kerb requires soil moisture for root uptake to take place. KERB Granules are mobile in the soil profile and therefore the best results will be achieved when applying in cooler conditions, usually between October and February.

If warm, dry conditions prevail after application then weed control may be reduced. Although KERB can be applied in all weather conditions, application to severely frozen ground should be avoided if there is any risk of surface run-off.

KERB Granules is non- irritant, non-sensitising and has no known bio-accumulation which gives you the confidence to use this product in areas open to the general public.

For further information contact your local agrochemical merchant.