Seasonal entry of cattle on offer at Enniskillen

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A seasonal entry of cattle on offer at Thursday’s cattle sales. In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 210- 244ppk for a 368kg LIM @ 90.

Medium weights sold from 200 – 222ppk for a 410kg CH @ 910. Heavy lots selling from 190-214p/kg for a 536kg CH at £1150 and sold up to £1265 per head.

BULLOCKS: Derrylin producer 368kg @ 900 LIM, Garrison producer 376kg @ 910 CH, Brookeborough producer 332kg @ 800 CH, Brookeborough producer 362kg @870 CH, Derrylin producer 376kg @905 CH, Brookeborough producer 368kg @865, Kesh producers 808kg @1265 Angus, Derrygonnelly producer 660kg @1265 CH, Derrygonnelly producer 660kg @1220 CH , Newtownbutler producer 606kg @1200 CH.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £600 to £885 paid for a 320kg CHAR, while heifers ranged from £520 to £850 for a 383kg CHAR.

Ruling prices: Kesh producer 278kg DAQ hfr @725, 390kg DAQ steer @840, 369kg DAQ steer @830, 239 LIM hfr @545, Kinawley producer 341kg CH steer @835,265kg CH hfr @545, 278kg LIM bull @620, 231kg LIM hfr @550, Belleek producer 364kg LIM steer @850, 386kg CH steer @910, 491kg LIM steer @980, 417kg LIM steer @890, Newtownbutler producer 341kg LIM hfr @725, 332kg LIM steer @790, Irvinestown producer 46kg CH hfr @880, 264kg CH bull @680, 279kg CH bull @700, Rosslea producer 277kg LIM hfr @670, 299kg LIM bull @690, 290kg LIM hfr @720, Enniskillen producer 326kg SAL steer @750,295kg SAL steer @725, 290kg LIM hfr @720, 344kg LIM steer @800, 274kg CH bull @745, Florencecourt producer 439kg CH hfr @870, 280kg LIM bull @665, 412kg CH steer @880, Bellanaleck Producer 316kg CH steer @820, 381 CH hfr @740, 413kg CH steer @905, Irvinestown producer 361kg CH hfr @800,353 CH hfr @720, 34kg CH hfr @715, Tempo producer 252kg CH hfr @655, 244kg CH hfr @615, 349 LIM steer @735, 240kg LIM steer @700, 389kg CH hfr @740

CALVES: Bellanaleck producer BB hfr @300, Letterbreen producer LIM hfr @300, Bellanaleck producer BB bull @290, Fivemiletown producer LIM hfr @280, Tempo producer CH hfr @275, Springfield producer LIM hfr @265, Letterbreen producer BB bull @265

SUCKLER COWS: Trillick producer LIM cow with Bull calf @1430, Ederney producer LIM cow with bull calf @1380, Derrylin producer Blonde cow with bull calf @1180, Derrylin producer ANGUS cow with bull calf @1100, Belcoo producer SIM cow with hfr calf @1090, Roscor producer LIM cow with hfr calf @1090, Derrygonnelly producer SPG SIM hfr @1020, Roscor producer Lim bull @1330