See how to feed and bed in seconds

Galvanised forager
Galvanised forager

The Blaney Agri demonstration team are on the road with the Forager X10 Bale Unroller and the Bale Shredder.

Working demonstrations start next Saturday (29th November) in Co Antrim and Co Londonderry, with other demos to follow in Co Down, Co Armagh and Co Tyrone.

Silage bale feeding

Silage bale feeding

The demonstrations on Saturday 29th November will start at 10am at the farm of Peter Bell, 15 Gallagh Road, Toome, BT41 3QS and at 2pm at the farm of Paul O’Kane, 68 Gortnagross Road, Dungiven, BT47 4QP, in conjuction with DA Forgie.

Despite the pressures on beef and milk prices, many farmers are still keen to invest in machinery that will save them time and money immediately.

Unprecedented enquiries have resulted in Blaney Agri having to organise demos across Northern Ireland.

With cattle indoors now for up to five months, now is the time to make changes that could give you huge savings. Blaney Agri, tractor machinery manufacturer (based in Ballymena), offer a range of feeding and bedding machinery to save any livestock farmer precious time and money, commodities that are scarce for farmers.

Sceptical? Then why not come and see for yourself.

The demo will show the ForagerX10 bale unroller in action, feeding out a silage bale in seconds.

This is such a handy system with only one tractor needed.

The only time you need to leave the tractor is to cut the bale plastic.

The Blaney Agri Bale Unroller works faster than any diet feeder and you can easily control the amount of silage dispensed.

By only feeding the required amount of silage needed on a daily basis the silage is fresher and more palatable to livestock, to give improved intake and more liveweight gain per day – making you money. With less selective eating, less silage is wasted – saving you money.

Co Tyrone farmer, Michael McNamee has been using a Forager X10 since November 2011.

He feeds around 300-400 bales a year.

He says: “The Forager is very handy to use and everything has been built to last. Graping silage would have taken between an hour and one and a half hours, now it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to do the feeding.”

For more information on the Blaney Agri product range, or for more details about the demo events contact the team on 028 2587 2801 or 07436284168 to request a brochure or DVD or visit