Select Sheepware App launched

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Select Sheepware, the popular flock management software is now available as an App.

This gives users the opportunity to record and monitor their flock’s details wherever and whenever they have their smart phone.

A free trial of the App is available and George Megarry of TGM Software said: “This App gives farmers the opportunity to turn their phone into a farm management tool. Using it, farmers can record births, link lambs to ewes and rams to monitor performance, record weights and medicine treatments.” Yvonne Johnston was one of the first to use the App and is finding it both useful and convenient when working in the field. She said: “For jobs like single health treatments, checking withdrawals, checking ewes for alerts, retagging, adding comments, looking at reports and the ancestry of lambs I’m admiring, the App is excellent. For major jobs like weighing, dosing, drafting and group selecting I use the Psion. The Select Sheepware App completes the software package. It’s been a real asset to the management of our flock.”

The App is suitable for any Android phone or tablet.

Select Sheepware is now being used around the world on farms with flocks ranging in size from 40 to over 3,500. Generally results such as; age at slaughter, price, kill weight, kill percentage and grade for each animal will be linked back to ewes and rams and are taken into consideration in the farmer’s decision making. Users also look at the total kg of lamb produced by each ewe/ram at both weaning and sale and motherability, lambing ease, lamb viability and lamb birth weight when deciding which animals to take replacements from and which should be culled.

A free trial is available from or by ringing 028 92 689681.