Sharp demand for quality lots at Lisnaskea

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Sharp demand this week for quality lots with many more required to supply a growing demand from a large attendance of buyers from all over the province.

Leading prices for:

STORE HEIFERS: Derrylin producer 490kg Ch to £885 and 420kg AA to £780. Newtownbutler producer 410kg Ch to £735 and 400kg Ch to £690. Aghalane producer 420kg AA to £690. Aghalane producer 300kg Sim to £690.

COWS & CALVES: Corranny producer heifer and heifer calf to £1110 and heifer and heifer calf to £890.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Lisnaskea producer 460kg Lim to £900 and 490kg Shb to £810. Newtownbutler producer 370kg Sim to £815 and 330kg Sim to £640. Derrylin producer 290kg AA to £660 twice and 330kg Lim to £585. Brookeborough producer 270kg Lim to £615. Aghalane producer 300kg AA to £510 and 140kg Ch to £385.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Springfield producer 350kg Ch to £725, 370kg Lim to £725, 320kg Ch to £680, 280kg Lim to £670 and 260kg Lim to £565. Derrylin producer 290kg Ch to £660 and 250kg AA to £425. Brookeborough producer 290kg Ch to £705, 290kg Lim to £640 and 270kg Ch to £565. Newtownbutler producer 260kg Ch to £630, 340kg Lim to £610, 220kg Ch to £570 and 270kg Lim to £485. Aghalane producer 300kg AA to £510, 240kg AA to £480, 240kg Fr to £405 and 220kg AA to £370. Aghalane producer 220kg AA to £365.