Sharp trade for quality cattle at Downpatrick

At the fortnightly cattle sale at Downpatrick on Monday night, trade was very sharp for quality cattle.

A lightweight Lim heifer at 228kg sold to £585.00 ( 2.57ppk). Strong heifer sold to £1214.00 paid for a 612kg Daq at (1.99ppk). In the bullock section a light weight Lim at 332kg sold to £800.00 (2.41ppk) and heavy sorts peaked at 1.97ppk) paid for a 578kg Lim bullock £ 1140.00

BULLOCKS: Downpatrick farmer 332kg LIM £800(2.41ppk), Drumnakelly farmer 234kg LIM £685(2.35ppk), Leitrim farmer 304kg LIM £690(2.27ppk) & 424kg LIM £928(2.19ppk), Downpatrick farmer 334kg LIM £710(2.13ppk), Ballynoe farmer 428kg CH £870(2.03ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 302kg LIM£600(1.99ppk). Downpatrick farmer 476KG sim £940(197.5PPK), Ballykinlar farmer 578kg LIM £1140(1.97ppk), Ballydonety farmer 512kg LIM £512 (1.95ppk), Drumnakelly farmer 378kg LIM (735(1.94ppk), Strangford farmer 294kg HER £560(1.91ppk), Tyrella farmer 578kg LIM £1100(1.90ppk), Strangford farmer 562kg CH £1050 (1.87ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 620kg BB £1110(1.79ppk), Downpatrick farmer 541kg LIM £915(1.78ppk), Strangford farmer 606kg SIM £1015(1.68ppk), Crossgar farmer 382kg SAL £615(1.61ppk), Strangford farmer 634kgSIM $1010(1.59ppk), Downpatrick farmer 480kg SH £705(1.47ppk) & Killough farmer 414kg FR£565(1.365ppk)

HEIFERS: Ballynahinch farmer 228kg LIM £585(2.57ppk) ,Dromara farmer 240kg LIM £585(2.44ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 210kg LIM £475(2.26ppk), Castlescreen farmer 612kg DAQ £1214(1.99ppk), Downpatrick farmer 486kg DAQ £954(1.97ppk), & 506kg DAQ farmer 506kg LIM £990(1.96ppk) & 500kg DAQ£940(1.88ppk) & 490kg DAQ £920(1.88ppk), Killyleagh farmer 376kg CH £680(1.81ppk), Downpatrick farmer 518kg DAQ £929(1.80ppk) & Strangford farmer 574kg BB £1029(1.79ppk), Downpatrick farmer 612kg DAQ £1085(1.77ppk), Downpatrick 552kg DAQ £969(1.76ppk), Downpatrick farmer 486kg AA 845(1.74ppk) Ballynoe farmer 558kg DAQ 950(1.71ppk) & 482kg DAQ £819(1.70ppk) & 496kg DAQ £809(1.63ppk) & Comber farmer 460kg AA£709 (1.54ppk)