Show attracts over 1,300 birds

Joe Adams, sponsor from Haldane Fisher, Richard Bett with his show champion a gold Brahma and Dessie Horner Judge.
Joe Adams, sponsor from Haldane Fisher, Richard Bett with his show champion a gold Brahma and Dessie Horner Judge.

The 40th Ulster Poultry Federation Championship Show was held at Slemish Hall, Ballymena show grounds, on February 3rd.

The show attracted over 1300 birds and 50 plates of eggs.

Exhibitors came from all parts of the British Isles to experience Ireland’s premier poultry show. It was pleasing to see wonderful support, after last year’s show was cancelled due to avian influenza. There was a great entry of geese, ducks, game fowl poultry and even a turkey. The largest class in the show was the Welsummer hen attracting twenty one entries.

The show celebrated its 40th birthday with a cake kindly baked by Elizabeth Kittle. Dessie Horner had the prestigious honour of judging championship row and cutting the anniversary cake. Richard Bett all the way from Lincolnshire stole the show winning the supreme championship with an outstanding Gold Brahma male.

Richard’s Black Pekin hen came through a strong entry of Pekins to be awarded the Reserve show champion. The second reserve championship went to a White crested black Poland owned by Ciara and Padriac Sweeney from Meath. The Ulster Poultry Federation members and committee would like to thank the generous sponsorship provided by Kilpatrick’s Poultry feeds, Brinsea Incubators and Haldane Fisher Building Supplies, Ballymena. The committee would also like thank, Joshua Kittle for his outstanding photography, the judges and all the exhibitors for making it such a successful show.

Show results:

Overall Show Champion – R&J Bett, Gold Brahma male.

Reserve Champion – R&J Bett, Black Pekin female.

Second Reserve Champion – C&P Sweeney, White Crested Poland female.

Best Turkey – Mervyn Elliot, Slate hen.

Best Goose - R&J Bett, Steinbacher

Best Heavy Duck – Joshua Kittle Muscovy

Best Light Duck - R&J Bett, Trout Runner

Best Bantam Duck – John Neill Silver Appleyard

Best Call Duck – S&G Hodge White Call

Best Hard Feather large – McClaren & Adams, Carlisle Old English Game.

Best Hard Feather bantam – Marc McCullough, Modern Game.

Best Soft Feather Heavy large - R&J Bett, Gold Brahma.

Best Soft Feather Heavy bantam - R&J Bett, Brahma.

Best Soft Feather Light large - C&P Sweeney, White Crested black Poland.

Best Soft Feather Light bantam – M&R Neill, Minorca.

Best True Bantam – R&J Bett, Black Pekin.

Best Rare breed – McClaren & Adams Krainkoppe.

Best Utility – Stuart Mc Clean Welsummer.

Best Juvenile – Louis Adamson Barnvelder.

Best Junior Handler- Grace Caraher

Best Eggs – Bill Oldcorn 3 bantam eggs 3 different colours.

Best Trio – McClaren & Adams, Old English Game bantams.