Show stewards training workshop at Drumlough


Are you a successful exhibitor who wishes to take the next step to become a honey show steward and eventually up skilling to a honey show judge?

If so the INIB is organising a stewarding workshop on Saturday 21 st July 2018 in Drumlough Hall starting at 10pm. The workshop will be run by Michael Young and other INIB judges.

Stewarding at any Honey show is demanding and must be carried out with the utmost care and attention.

The day will deal with the Stewards role in helping the Honey Show Manager, setting up the show, ensuring exhibits are placed on the correct bench for judging, being available at all times during the judging, helping and supporting the judge, making the judge aware of duplicate entries, and making sure all items needed for judging are available.

The day will deal with judging exhibits, as a key role of the judge is to teach the steward what they are looking for with regard to faults and imperfections, and to train the steward who may wish to advance to judging in the future.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate of attendance, which can be used along with evidence of stewarding at honey shows. This training is essential for would be judges and will be part of the pathway to becoming a Certified INIB Honey Judge.

Successful candidates may also be invited to steward at the INIB Annual Honey show in October.

Booking is essential so if you are interested please contact Michael Young 07834712438 or Gail Orr 07751977010.