Silage weather keeps numbers down at Armoy

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The excellent silage weather kept numbers down last Wednesday night, Fat Lambs sold to £88.50, Fat Ewes were a super trade selling to £90.00.

LAMBS: Sam McAuley, Bushmills, 24kgs £88.50. W Hanna, Jnr, Ballymoney, 25kgs £87.00. Pat Kane, Bushmills, 26kgs £86.00. J & J Ferguson, Bushmills, 24kgs £86.00. B Huey, Ballymoney, 21kgs £80.60. W Hanna, Ballymoney, 21 ½kgs £80.00. Geo Graham, Kilrea, 22kgs £80.60. Pat Kane, Ballycastle, 21 ½kgs £80.00. J & J Ferguson, Bushmills, 20 ½kgs £80.00.

FAT EWES: N McClure, Ballymoney, Texel’s, £90.00. R & J Smith, Bushmills, Suffolk’s, £85.00. Sam McAuley, Bushmills, Texel’s, £85.00 John Christie, Ballymoney, c/b’s £85.00. F McCaughan, Bushmills, c/b’s £78.00. A & T Butler, Ballycastle, b/f, £75.00. John Christie, Ballybogey, Tex, £73.50.

BREEDERS: J & F McGarry, Loughguile, Hoggett’s with single lambs £133. D Mathews, Ballycastle, Cheviot, b/m, Ewes with twins £132. Geo McAuley, Armoy, c/b’s Ewes, single lambs £103. D Mathews, Ballycastle, c/b’s b/m with twins, £128.

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Auctioneer: Daniel McAlister & Son