Silostop helps make the best silage

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Silostop is recognised as the global leader in oxygen barrier technology.

Silostop specialises in silage protection systems. It helps farmers and producers around the world to make the best possible silage, as well as reducing labour and recycling costs.

SILOSTOP Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film is recognised worldwide as the leading oxygen barrier film for delivering optimum silage quality. SILOSTOP is a multilayer, light and very strong silage film, making it easy to handle and apply.

Benefits of SILOSTOP Orange/Black Covers:

- Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated, saving money on labour to remove waste silage.

- Dry matter loss is reduced by up to 50% in the top three feet of silage compared to conventional black/white-on-black PE plastic.

- Aerobic stability is increased by up to two and a half days, so silage on the face and in front of the cows stays fresh and nutrient rich longer.

- SILOSTOP films are thinner and less bulky than conventional plastics and are therefore cheaper to recycle or dispose of.

SILOSTOP Bale Wrap - After years of continuous research and development SILOSTOP has created the world’s first oxygen barrier bale wrap. Silostop has created a bale wrap that combines the benefits of their oxygen barrier technology with strength, consistent performance and durability. It is easily used on both round and square bales and also produces excellent quality haylage. Silostop Bale Wrap can be used on all types of bale wrappers.

Silostop Anti-UV covers offer very strong, long lasting protection for Silostop Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film. They are designed with a woven structure, which allows wind to pass through rather than lifting the cover, even in very windy conditions. This woven structure also ensures that the cover remains cool and does not heat the silage.

Silostop Gravelbags are a very convenient tool to help seal silage pits. Their filled weight and shape ensure that the cover is held in place while maintaining a perfect seal.

All these products and more can be found at your local supplier