SIMBA X-Press – leading the field on disc cultivators!

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As SIMBA Great Plains distributor for Northern Ireland and Donegal, Genesis Distribution are looking forward to a busy autumn cultivation programme.

With the combines now well and truly out thoughts will be turning to light stubble cultivations to encourage volunteers to germinate and prepare the ground for primary cultivation work.

There are no better machines on the market place to achieve this than the renowned SIMBA Great Plains X-Press disc cultivators.

The X-Press consists of SIMBA’s own unique disc designs that comprises two rows of serrated discs. The angles of the discs in each row can be adjusted by simply turning a handle at the side of the machine which has an impact on the chopping and incorporating of the soil.

The X-Press has also come with the renowned SIMBA “Double D Ring” designs for consolidation and the ideal weather proof finish. The discs and DD packer roller provides an ideal alternative to the power harrow when breaking down ploughed ground.

The advantages to using a disc based cultivation system over the power harrow are quite significant. For instance the tractor does not need a high power requirement from a fuel hungry PTO based operation. This means that the farmer will not need the tractor running with a full open throttle and a slow forward speed.

The X-Press will work at much lower engine RPM and will take high forward speeds, easily double the work-rate of a power harrow. With fewer moving parts also comes a dramatic reduction in the fuel required to cultivate ground. With fewer moving highly stressed parts customers will also notice a decrease in their annual replacements parts bill.

In respect of the ST Bar (short for Spring Tine Bar) it is attached to the front of the X-Press discs via a three-point linkage hitch up. There are five loaded vertical spring loaded tines with clod busting feet that provide a soil loosening effect before the discs. What this means is that the soil receives a primary break up before the discs.

When working on ploughed ground a finer finish will be result. However, if you want to sow crops in a hurry against the weather and find the plough too slow you can cultivate stubble ground with the X-Press and ST bar which will provide a good primary pass before you would sow your crops with the traditional ‘one pass’ harrow/drill combination. Again, this will reduce your overall fuel bill by the volume of work achieved, therefore streamlining your business.

Alternatively the ST Bar can be used by itself if you wish to loosen some compacted tramlines etc.

The SIMBA X-Press (excluding ST Bar) is very competitively priced, very similar money to a power harrow or even cheaper depending on the brand.

Please feel free to contact Stephen either on the mobile 07876 452058 or via e-mail or Andrew (North West) 07712 638715.