Simpson in call for more accessibility to export licences

David Simpson MP
David Simpson MP

Upper Bann MP David Simpson has called on the EFRA Minister, Liz Truss, to take urgent pro-active measures to provide a more accessible export licensing system to assist the UK agri-food’s industry.

He added: “Throughout all regions of the United Kingdom, and particularly here in Northern Ireland, we have a world class standard of produce to sell to the global market. However, without a proper export licensing system for our goods, there are many regions throughout the world that cannot access what we have to offer. Whilst our farmers are missing out on the direct financial benefits, our economy as a whole will suffer the financial burdens of unnecessary bureaucracy.

“A more accessible export marketing system will pave the way for industries such as the pork sector, which can gain huge advantage if the door into the Chinese market can be easier accessed.

“In Northern Ireland we have enormous exporting potential and it is vital that our EFRA Minister listens to our concerns and makes the big decisions to eradicate the conditions that are limiting our capabilities,” Mr Simpson concluded.