Simpson raises farmer concerns with Defra

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David Simpson MP has raised the unique concerns of Northern Ireland’s farmers during a joint meeting between the DEFRA Committee and the European Scrutiny Committee,

During the meeting Mr Simpson asked Farming Minister George Eustice about arrangements that were being made for farmers after Britain’s exit from the EU. In response Mr Eustice stated that he recognised the unique circumstances and that he was working closely with officials to ensure that the best interests of the sector were at the heart of negotiations.

Speaking following the meeting, Mr Simpson said: “We face a crucial challenge that must be proactively dealt with if we are to secure the long-term sustainability of the industry here in Northern Ireland.

“I asked Mr Eustice for both an update on his negotiations and I stated the importance of liaising with the authorities in the Republic of Ireland to ensure that potential border restrictions would not affect free movement for agriculture, dairy or processing plants.

“Negotiations continue and I can assure farmers that as we reach a critical stage in the process I will play my part to ensure that the best interests of our farmers are heard,” he added.