Sires in the spotlight: Sahara Baloo

Sahara Baloo
Sahara Baloo

Dairy producers throughout Northern Ireland know the value of taking a look at a bull’s back-pedigree as well as his predicted performance. With this in mind, there is one bull in the Cogent stud that retains the reputation of an outstanding cow family while boosting the bare necessities of milk and fertility.

The bull in question is of course, Sahara Baloo. Originating from one of the greatest cow families in the world UFM Dubs Sheray, Baloo is predicted to keep up the family tradition of siring high ranking sons and daughters across the globe.

Baloo brings all of the renowned positives from Mogul, his sire and his pedigree promises high type with plenty of milk and the potential to make long lasting, profitable cows.

His dam is one of the best Man-O-Man daughters in the world and produced a number of high value offspring that have attracted international attention. Her second lactation produced 10,925kgs, 4.22%fat and 3.47% protein.

His G.dam is the former number 4 CTPI cow of the breed, UFMDubs Sheray EX90 USA (EX MS), who produced nearly 12,000kgs at exceptional fat and protein levels as a heifer.

Milk and fertility is what this bull has in abundance. Highly profitable, he offers 572kgs of milk, +3.5 fertility and +0.3 lifespan. As a Mogul son, top conformation is also expected and Baloo again excels in this area offering +2.42 type, +1.24 locomotion and +2.08 rear udder height.

“A bull like Baloo doesn’t come along very often,” says Ashley Fleming, Cogent’s Northern Ireland regional sales manager.

“Both the male and female side of his pedigree shows such consistently high performance that it’s little surprise to see him coming through with such a strong index. His daughters are expected to be wide throughout with exceptional udders meaning Baloo is a bull that can be used with confidence to put some extra milk into your breeding policy while you reap the rewards of his phenomenal type.”