SlurryKat give a new dimension to shear grabs

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At next week’s Winter fair Slurrykat will be launching their new range of shear grabs with special hardox tines.

The manufacturer only entered the shear grab market at the end of 2015 and it has made a major impact on this market already in less than two years with impressive sales to date.

Slurrykat’s new original innovative design introduced in 2015 saw new innovative features such as the widest opening grab on the market with increased capacity on conventional designs while still keeping width to allow for excellent manoeuvrability on the farm. This was achieved with a new special wide opening design and also using a longer tine design giving unrivalled capacity to working width characteristics.

The two models in the SlurryKat range offered by SlurryKat are ProCut, which is more suited to farmers with smaller handlers.

The company’s flagship ProCut grab range which demonstrates unique capacities and attributes ultimate strength in its design for intensive users like large dairy units or biogas plants that have demands for high volume daily feeding programmes.

This latest innovation of a full Hardox Tine grab is offered as an alternative to the conventional forged tine grab. The company’s MD, Garth Cairns commented: “As we always strive to be the leaders at what we do, building shear grabs was a new market for us in 2015 and is approached no differently to any other products we manufacture. I wanted our grabs to be the best on the market so we had to offer something different to the market and we wanted to eliminate almost all the maintenance problems seen on other shear grabs designs. After initial design of these special Hardox tines and prototype testing, refining the overall design of the machine was our focus and we have built the machine around these new tines which are totally maintenance free and offer unparalleled long life wear characteristics. We feel this innovation will put us clearly at the forefront of the shear grab market.”

The new Hardox ProCut range is available in working widths from 1950mm (6’4”) to the mammoth 3050mm (10’) grab.