SlurryKat introduces ‘Pantera’ to the market

SlurryKat 'Pantera'
SlurryKat 'Pantera'

Co Armagh slurry equipment manufacturer SlurryKat has further stamped its mark on the agri equipment sector with a complete new range of budget slurry tankers.

Traditionally recognised for supplying umbilical systems, the company first entered into the very competitive slurry tanker market almost eight years ago and has gone from strength to strength with new innovative designs that originally focused on tankers with spreading technology equipment on the rear such as dribble bars and trailing shoe injectors to coincide with the EU Nitrates Directive 2007 and the various tranches of Northern Ireland’s Manure Efficiency Technology Scheme (METS).

SlurryKat has won numerous awards for its innovative tanker designs and attachments and is seen as one of the market leaders for slurry tankers.

The new tanker range called Pantera demonstrates a more basic lower specification design and options list in comparison with its original “SlurryKat” flagship tankers that are much higher spec as standard and aimed more at the intensive farm contractor.

SlurryKat’s CEO, Garth Cairns commented: “The vision behind the new Pantera range is to offer the market a more affordable tanker with less specification while still maintaining vital reputable build quality and reliability, something SlurryKat is strongly recognised for in the agri industry.

“The same high quality components and high tensile steels, Jurop Vacuum pumps, axles, wheels and valves that go into the Pantera range as with our original Premium tanker range and the Pantera’s are built on the same production line by the same experienced SlurryKat engineers.”

The Pantera range comes standard pre-shot blasted and finished in high gloss two pack black paint to give a long durable protection against corrosion and is also available in the company’s flagship colours of red and green if desired. Unique internal anti-surge baffle system and fully internally welded is also maintained in the range – innovative traits seen in the premium SK tankers.

Sales orders and positive feedback on pre-production Pantera models have been very strong from customers and the range is now in full production at the company’s manufacturing facility in Waringstown, Co Armagh.

Models available range from 1600–2750 on single axle and 2500-3500 on tandem axles.

For more information please contact SlurryKat on 028 3882 0862 or