SlurryKat launches ‘ground breaking’ trailing shoe injector and umbilical Bak Pak

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SlurryKat has launched a unique trailing shoe injection and Bak Pak hose reeling system, which combines as a single slurry spreading unit.

“It’s the first of its kind on the market,” confirmed SlurryKat’s CEO Garth Cairns.

“Up to now it has only been possible to get dribble bar: Bak Pak combinations of this type. We have gone back to first principles in developing the new unit.”

Cairns added: “The new unit has been developed on the back of our highly successful trailing shoe, which was introduced in 2008 with over 2300 units sold globally to date.

“The key point of innovation regarding the new injector is the fact that it is the only unit on the market that can piggy back a 1000m hose reeler in tandem with 6” bore hoses.

“Until now it was only possible to carry a hose reeler like this on a dribble bar system. This has been made possible courtesy of the development of a completely new 1000m Bak Pak hose reeler.”

The current SlurryKat Bak Pak has been the flagship umbilical hose reeling system of the company since its introduction in 2008. To date, over 4500 units have been sold globally.

“It is now possible, for the first time, to work the new trailing shoe and Bak Pak as a complete unit,” said Cairns.

“Possibilities with this new trailing shoe: hose reeling system are unparalleled demonstrating ergonomics and flexibility that is so important in today’s umbilical slurry spreading market.”

According to Cairns, the new trailing shoe comprises a fully galvanised construction, in tandem with a new shoe and slurry delivery design. All of this offers a new level of precision and cleanliness, where grass swards are concerned, that has not been achievable up to this point.

In addition, the unit can be easily mounted to any tanker. It can be taken-off and used with the Bak Pak hose reeler on the SlurryKat umbilical system. Working widths presently start at 7.5m and 10m with plans to offer a 12m option now at a very advanced stage.

He added: “The unit has flip-up shoes. As a consequence, the arms of the tractor or tanker do not need to be raised at headland turns or when crossing the umbilical pipeline.

“The shoes fold-up neatly prior to reconnection with the Bak Pak or when leaving the field after the tanker has been emptied. All of this takes place in a fully automated manner, courtesy of hydraulic controls that are operated from the cab of the tractor.”

Cairns commented: “We have been working on these new products for some time, in order to bring something fresh and exciting to the slurry equipment market.

“We are very pleased with the performance and feedback on the new trailing shoe and Bak Pak. We hope they can be even more successful than the previous generation of both the trailing shoe and Bak Pak that have been absolutely phenomenal for us over the past decade.

“Our global sales’ projections have been continuously exceeded, year- on-year.

“These new products clearly set us apart in the market. Adding to this is the fact that we have further innovations to reveal later this year.”

The new injector goes on sale in January 2018 with the company already having strong pre-production orders. The new products will be on display at various exhibitions over the coming weeks.