Smaller show of 156 head of cattle at Armoy

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A smaller show of 156 head of cattle met with a good steady trade but quality lots were scarce with a lot of Friesian bred cattle on offer.

Bullocks sold to £1,010, heifers to £1,000 and fat cows to £920.

STEERS: Brian Kennedy, Ahoghill, A/A, 550kgs £1,010. W J and G Henry, Armoy, Lim, 280kgs £700. Colm McErlain, Armoy, Char, 460kgs £870. Brian McAuley, Bushmills, A/A, 440kgs £855, 450kgs £800. Ken Montgomery, Dervock, B/B, 490kgs £880. Pat McCormick, Ballymena, Sim, 450kgs £905. V McErlain, Dunloy, Lim, 400kgs £755, Alistair Getty, Bushmills, Lim, 480kgs £850. Maurice Smyth, Armoy, B/B, 500kgs £790. B McAuley, Bushmills, Lim, 460kgs £760. David McAfee, Ballymoney, B/B, 500kgs £860. Ken Montgomery, Dervock, B/B, 550kgs £920, £530, £850, 590kgs £845. Pat McGarry, Ballycastle, Sim, 250kgs £435, 300kgs £530, 310kgs £550.

HEIFERS: S Christie, Ballymoney, Lim, 550kgs £1,000. Jas Christie, Armoy, A/A, 410kgs £805. Maurice Smyth, Armoy, Lim, 500kgs £850. Alistair Getty, Bushmills, Lim, 430kgs £760, 470kgs £775. Francis McDonnell, Martinstown, Char, 380kgs £735, 380kgs £660. B Kennedy, Ahoghill, A/A, 480kgs £890. Glarryford producer, A/A, 480kgs £920, 520kgs £880, 450kgs £775, 530kgs £930. John Reid, Ballymoney, FKV, 640kgs £940. Jas Christie, Armoy, A/A, 410kgs £805, 400kgs £755, 390kgs £645. Robt Kerr, Ballymena, Lim, 430kgs £715. Brian McCloskey, Loughguile, PAR, 450kgs £780, 300kgs £575. Loughlin Black, Mosside, Lim, 430kgs £615, 330kgs £550. H Steele, Bushmills, Sim, 330kgs £595, 400kgs £620, 415kgs £620.

Sale every Monday night.