Smaller show of 226 head of cattle meets good trade at Armoy

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A smaller show of 226 head met with a good trade for all types of cattle.

Steers sold to £1,135 for a 700kgs Friesian, heifers to £945 with 380kgs Char making £840. Fat cows made up to £990 paid for a 600kgs Char cow.

STEERS: David Morrison, Armoy, A/A, 570kgs £1,075, 540kgs £1,010. Sam McAllister, Bushmills, Friesians, 705kgs £1,105, 700kgs £1,135, 650kgs £1,060, 630kgs £1,050. John McKillop, Cushendall, Chars, 400kgs £850, 330kgs £675, 400kgs £875, 410kgs £790, 390kgs £825, 300kgs £640, 265kgs £600, 380kgs £775, 350kgs £760. WJ and G Henry, Armoy, Char, 500kgs £920, 490kgs £935. J Lamont, Ballymoney, Char, 380kgs £830. Sarah Hamill, Carnlough, H/F, 380kgs £750, 250kgs £555, 360kgs £660. Alex Parkhill, Ballymoney, Sim, 200kgs £430. David McMichael, Lim, 440kgs £740, 505kgs £860. Joan Lamont, Ballymoney, Char, 360kgs £790, 300kgs £690, 290kgs £580, 270kgs £570, 270kgs £590, 260kgs £555. Jas Gaston, Ballymena, A/A, 490kgs £880, 430kgs £740, 450kgs £765. Sam McAlister, Bushmills, Friesian, 600kgs £980. Hazel Steele, Bushmills, Sim, 450kgs £760, 405kgs £750. Nat Creith, Armoy, Friesians, 500kgs £690. WJ and G Henry, Armoy, FV, 450kgs £750. J and W Caldwell, Ballymena, Friesians, 360kgs £560, 330kgs £555, 370kgs £600. J T Reid, Ballymoney, A/A, 430kgs £700. Jim Blair, Ballyclare, Char, 330kgs £675, 300kgs £560, 300kgs £585, 390kgs £740. D McAlister, Ballycastle, Char, 280kgs £675, 270kgs £650, 350kgs £725, 355kgs £720.

HEIFERS: John McKillop, Cushendall, Char, 380kgs £840, 455kgs £900, 360kg £745, 405kgs £790, 420kgs £865, 500kgs £945, 480kgs £915. Joan Lamont, Ballymoney, Lim, 305kgs £645, 300kgs £585. Jas Carey, Martinstown, Char, 450kgs £930, 400kgs £730. John McGowan, Ballycastle, Char, 420kgs £840, 480kgs £890, 500kgs £885, 400kgs £750.

FAT COWS: Wm McAuley, Cushendall, Char, 600kgs £990. Pat Brown, Ballycastle, 630kgs, Char, £780. A Devlin, Limavady, Sim, 630kgs £700. Francis McDonnell, Martinstown, Lim, 590kgs £715, 670kgs £670, 560kgs £600, 500kgs £575. J Bartlett, Ballymoney, Hereford, 705kgs £800.

Sale every Monday night at 7pm.

Armoy Mart has two special entries of cattle that may be of interest to suckler cow farmers.

On 28th March 2016, Mr Robert Skelton, Ballymoney is showing 35 A/A and Montbelliard cross Friesian maiden heifers, 400-500kgs in weight suitable for suckler replacements, all out of his own milk cows.

On the same night a special consignment of twenty, superb, blue, grey and black West of Ireland bred springers will be offered for sale. This is the first consignment of 40, the other 20 will be sold the following Monday night. All are in-calf to a pedigree Limousin bull and are coming near note.

The auctioneers have inspected these heifers and can vouch for the quality, pictures can be seen on Armoy Mart Facebook page.