Smaller show of cattle at Lishally

A smaller show of cattle at this week’s sale all sold to a firm trade.

Bullocks £1335/710kg, heifers£1025/500kg and fat cows £912.50kg

BULLOCKS: Maurice Thompson £1335/710kg, £1150/620, £1120/600kg, £1120/645kg,Patrick McGaughey £940/490kg Norman McFarland £845/415kg, £820/390kg, £815/400kg, £790/400kg, £730/390kg, Mervyn Townley £840/415kg, £800/365kg, £640/320kg, Thomas Conway £765/350kg, £740/340kg, £715/335kg, £705/310kg, Stuart Caskie £500/350kg

HEIFERS: Iwen McDevitt £1025/500kg, £830/365kg, £720/365kg, £720/340kg, £700/360kg, Patrick McNicholl £895/575kg, £800/520kg, Mervyn Townley £730/350kg, £725/380kg, Thomas Conway £680/325kg, £665/345kg, £600/305kg,

FAT COWS: James Mitchell £912.50/730kg, £896/700kg , £809.40/710kg, £696/600kg, Patrick McGaughey £757.10/670kg

A great show of sheep at Tuesday’s sale all sold with a rise in trade.

Lambs £87.50/23kg, Fat Ewes £95 and Ewes and Lambs up to £162

LAMBS: Stuart Caskie £87.50/23kg, Andrew McKinley £87/28kg, James McElwee £86.50/24kg, Constant McCrudden £84.20/28kg, Michael Hasson £83.20/21.75kg, Martin Burns £82.20/25kg, Owen McDevitt £81.80/21kg, John McHugh £76.50/27kg, Kevin Moran £75.80/25kg

FAT EWES: Patrick McNicholl £95, C Harpur £98, Owen McDevitt £80, H Kelly £79, Ian Townley £100, £78, Daniel Wade £87, A McDonald £87, £86

EWES & LAMBS: Hamilton Gamble £162, £140, £140, £130,£112 Patrick Devine £162, £152, £152, £150, £150, £150, £148, £148, John McCloskey £148, £135, £108, £120.