Smaller show of fat sheep meets sharper trade at Armoy

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A smaller show of fat sheep met with a much sharper trade selling to a top price of £89.00 paid twice for two pens. Fat ewes sold to £70.00, store lambs to £70.00.

FAT LAMBS: S McConaghy, Ballymoney, 28kgs £89.00. Sam McAuley, Bushmills, 28kgs £95.00. R I Strawbridge, Coleraine, 27kgs £85.00. A and SP McCarry, Loughguile, 26kgs £82.20. A and D Glass, Ballycastle, 25kgs £81.00. Robt Getty, Bushmills, 25kgs £80.00. Boyd Jamison, Armoy, 25kgs £80.00. C Knox, Ballymoney, 22kgs £79.00. M Maloney, Loughguile, 23kgs £78.50. Joe Murphy, Cushendun, B/F lambs, 22kgs £75.80. Noelle Archer, Knockahollet, 24kgs £77.00.

FAT EWES: I Strawbridge, Coleraine, Texel, £70.80. F McCaughan, Bushmills, c/b, £67.50. R Strawbridge, Coleraine, c/bs £66.00. Jas Pinkerton, Rasharkin, Texels, £66.00. V McErlain, Armoy, c/bs £57.00. F Boyle, Loughguile, c/bs £71.00.

STORE LAMBS: Sandy O’Neill, Glenarm, 6 Tex, £62.50. P Mitchell, Ballycastle, 19 Tex, £70.00. Ian Crawford, Randalstown, 34 c/bs £66.00. D Hodges, Armoy, 5 Tex, £61.20. M Mitchell, Ballycastle, 16 c/bs £67.00.

Breeding sheep sold to £180 for ewes with lambs at foot.

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