Some exceptional prices at Swatragh mart

An excellent entry of quality cattle on Monday, 20th April sold to a very sharp trade with some exceptional prices. More quality stock is required to meet demand.

Beef heifers selling to £1,285 for 632kg while Beef Bullocks sold to £1,285 for 648kgs.

Sample Prices:

Heifers: Maghera Producer 632kg,£1,285;600kg,£1,155;404kg,£790; Swatragh Producer 430kg, £900; 350kg, £730; 458kg, £970; 382kg,£855; 366kg, £755;368kg,£825;400kg,£750; Garvagh Producer 310kg, £720; Swatragh Producer 520kg,£1,110;476kg,£1,040;462kg, £986; 414kg,£880;Swatragh Producer 648kg,£1,160;390kg,£760; Swatragh Producer 500kg,£1,090;402kg, £770;468kg, £920;480kg,£1,075;312kg, £790; 326kg, £780; 390kg,£890; Swatragh Producer 432kg, £915; 312kg,£770;Swatragh Producer 622kg,£1,140;

Bullocks: Swatragh producer 648kg, £1,285;516kg, £1,100;510kg, £1,070; 480kg, £1,150;522kg, £1,150;558kg, £1.200; Swatragh Producer 458kg, £900; 436kg, £1,000; 368kg,£850; 476kg, £1,005; 382kg, £665; Moneymore Producer 350kg, £690; 370kg, £580; 380kg, £650; 402kg, £640; 438kg, £820; Cookstown Producer 360kg, £750; 356kg, £850; 418kg,£940; 366kg, £730; 434kg, £790; 332kg, £780; Maghera Producer 578kg, £1,240; 540kg, £1,185; 450kg,£840; 538kg, £1,100; 538kg,£1,160; Garvagh Producer 348kg,£880; Swatragh Producer 530kg,£1,095; 576kg,£1,090;354kg,£890;326kg,£610;

A very large seasonal entry of over 1,400 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday, 18th April witnessed trade very strong in a number of categories. Several pens of heavy lambs sold well in excess of £70.00 each to a top rate of £78.00. Middleweight lambs sold from 351p to 355p Per kilo for 22 kilos at £78.00 each. Ewes sold to £111;Ewes and Lambs at Foot sold to £200.

Sample prices: Heavyweight Lambs; Toomebridge Producer 14 Lambs 25.25kg at 78.00 = 309p Claudy Producer 1 Lamb 26kg at 73.50 =282p;Toomebridge Producer 2 Lambs 32kg at 74.00 =231p; Garvagh Producer 2 Lambs 26.5kg at 72.00 =272p Swatragh Producer 2 Lambs 25kg at 70.00; = 280p.

Middleweight Lambs: Coleraine Producer 6 Lambs 22kg at 78.00 = 355p; Cookstown Producer 5 Lambs 20.5kg at 72.00 =351p Swatragh Producer 4 Lambs 21kg at 70.00 = 333p; Kilrea Producer 4 Lambs 20kg at 71.00 =355p

Ewes; Draperstown Producer 1 Suffolk at 111.00; Swatragh Producer 1 Texel at 110.00.

Producer Incentive:There will be £100 Northern Counties Farmware Store Voucher to be won every month at both the sheep and cattle marts.

Cattle Sale – Every animal sold will guarantee one entry into monthly draw

Sheep Sale – Every 10 sheep sold will guarantee one entry into monthly draw