‘Sperrins fencing scheme not enough’

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Following correspondence from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) concerning flooding in the Glenelly Valley, SDLP Representative Steven Edwards (pictured) says fencing work is simply not enough to revert the damage caused to local farmers and businesses in the area.

Mr Edwards commented:“I welcome the work DAERA and DFI are doing in the area and I hope it helps in terms of preventing future flooding in the area. However, this work is simply not enough in considering the severe economic impact flooding has had.

“I have met many local farmers in the area who are still attempting to recover from severe economic loss in August 2017. Livestock were lost and substantial damage was done to outbuildings and people’s homes.

“It’s a travesty that an emergency funding package has yet to be released for local farmers and businesses in the Glenelly Valley. The lack of a Stormont, and the lack of Sinn Fein and the DUP agreement, has caused these people to needlessly suffer.

“I have again urged the Department to use new Civil Service power to pool vital funding for this area. The Department must act and must not allow this issue to fall by the wayside.”