Sprayer technology on show at Cereals 2015

Spraying cereals
Spraying cereals

Growers looking to replace their sprayer or buy new equipment to revamp their existing machine need look no further than Cereals 2015.

There are sprayers to suit all acreages and budgets and a unique opportunity to see over 50 of the latest self-propelled, mounted and trailed machines in action. These will be demonstrated by 23 leading suppliers in the Sprays and Sprayers Arena, in association with Syngenta.

Surrounding the arena is a wide range of innovations and application technology from over 40 specialist suppliers.

Syngenta’s spray application specialist Ben Magri says: “Given current low cereal and oilseed prices, spray costs are coming under ever-greater scrutiny.

“This, coupled with increasing resistance pressure and tightening environmental legislation, means spray application technology has never been more important. It’s for these reasons that Syngenta continually invests in spray application development and innovation, including new products and nozzles. 

“Whether you’re looking to buy a new sprayer, check out new technology or glean some useful spraying tips, make Sprays and Sprayers your first port of call at Cereals.”

John Deere R944i

John Deere is launching its new high-specification 4400-litre capacity trailed sprayer at Cereals 2015. The latest model offer the same basic features as the larger R Series sprayers and has the same low-profile tank design and low centre of gravity for maximum stability. It is fitted with axle steering for accurate tracking on headlands.

High-capacity (560 litres/min) twin-piston diaphragm pumps allow fast automatic filling and spraying; a higher capacity centrifugal pump is available. Booms from 24 to 40m can be fitted. Optional intelligent solutions include BoomTrac automatic boom height control system, pressure recirculation and AutoDilute.

Chafer shows two new trailed sprayers

Chafer is launching two new trailed sprayer ranges at Cereals. There will be two specification levels for the company’s new Guardian and Sentry models, a standard version and a high spec “e” machine fitted with Chafer’s own CANbus operating system eControl.

All models benefit from a reduced centre of gravity by optimising the shape of the stainless steel tanks (3-4,000 litres on the Guardian and 4-6,000 litres on the Sentry). A centrifugal pump provides a 50% increase in filling speeds to over 600 litres/min.

The new F-Series boom (up to 30m) is available on all four models. The Sentry range can be fitted with the G-Series boom (30-40m) or the new H-Series boom (up to 42m), supported by a new centre-frame with air suspension.

Landquip’s new duo

Landquip is launching two new sprayers at the event. A new 3500-litre, 220hp self-propelled unit weighs in at less than 5.5t unladen. The new design achieves near-perfect weight distribution, according to Landquip, making it a go-anywhere machine when equipped with 600/60 R30 flotation wheels.

The heavy-duty aluminium contractors’ boom is equipped with centre pivot and trapezium self levelling and offers spray heights from 0.5 to 2.5m.

A production model of the Multidrive Forward Control demount will also be launched. Equipped with a unique tank design, narrow folding booms offering 2.5m transport width and a new cab, the machine also offers 50/50 weight distribution.

Horsch’s PT 280 makes Cereals debut

Horsch will display its new PT280 self-propelled sprayer at Cereals 2015 for the first time. A 285hp/210 KW Mercedes engine that meets Tier 4 requirements provides a 15hp power increase over the PT270. Power is transmitted via a hydrostatically stepless hydroshift gear unit and mechanical axis drive for good traction in hilly terrain.

The PT280’s advanced BoomControl Pro system uses two fast acting air rams to deliver very smooth boom movement, while gyros and boom-mounted sensors feed data back to a proportional control system that counteracts virtually all yaw and roll. This allows the boom to be kept very close to the target area even at high speeds.

Berthoud’s new Ektar boom

Berthoud is showing its new Ektar 40-44m B3 boom on a Tenor 6700 litre trailed sprayer at Cereals.

Designed for use with Berthoud’s Tenor and self-propelled Raptor sprayers, the boom is fitted with ACS auto boom folding system and uses triple-folding arms in aluminium L-shaped profile for strength and durability.

Like the Ektar B2 booms, the new design incorporates Berthoud’s Pendulo-Axiale suspension for outstanding stability. GPS guidance with auto section shut off and variable rate application are optional, as is ‘total control’ ultrasonic height sensing.

Berthoud has entered the boom into the International Machinery Manufacturers’ Awards (IMMAs), set up by Haymarket exhibitions in 2014 to recognise machines that deliver a mix of innovation, cost-effectiveness and value.

Agrifac’s hi-clearance sprayer gets UK launch

Agrifac is launching its Condor ClearancePlus to the British market to meet the increasing need to treat tall crops such as maize.

The self-propelled sprayer features stepless ground clearance adjustment up to 200 cm. It is fitted with a narrow wheel assembly (including steering pivot and wheel drive) that fits between rows to prevent crop damage.

The Condor ClearancePlus also has stepless adjustable track width of 190–225cm or 225–300cm to suit row spacings. Its StabiloPlus chassis ensures boom and sprayer stability, while a heavy-duty driveline maintains optimum performance even in hilly conditions.

Knight ups torque on 1800 series sprayers

Cheaper running costs and an improved working environment are on offer from Knight Farm Machinery’s revamped 1800 series self-propelled sprayers.

The range is now powered by Tier 4 compliant six-cylinder engines, up to 200 hp (single turbo) and 225 hp (dual turbo). This raises the torque available by 5%-10%, and should cut fuel usage by about 5%, says Knight.

All vehicles are fitted with Category Four cabs with CAT4 filtrations offered as an option. Controls and valves have been grouped together above a drip tray. The 1800 series features spray tanks from 3,500 litres to 4,000 litres and booms up to 36m wide.

New boom for Team’s Arian range

Team Sprayers’ latest mounted model, the Arian, sports a new robust boom and modified suspension. The boom, available up to 24m, is made from steel tubular sections with a three-dimensional structure that guarantees years of strength and durability plus a very good ride on all surfaces, says the company.

Booms can be part folded to give working widths from 9, 11 and 12m. Variable boom geometry is available as an optional extra. Tank capacities are 1000, 1200 and 1500 litres with the option of front tanks up to 1500 litres.

Two new sprayers from Micron

Micron is launching two new sprayers at Cereals. The Varidome S3 100HiFlo model has been developed for use in cereals and other narrow-row crops such as onions and carrots. It features a 6.2m hydraulically folding toolbar with ground-following carriages fitted with the new innovative Varidome 100HiFlo spray shields. Spray bands can be adjusted from 100mm to 450mm, allowing a wide range of applications and crop stages.

Visitors will also be able to see the recently developed Varidome S3 Hybrid mounted on Micron’s new Modular Tank System. The machine is configured for inter-row herbicide application in asparagus, but the chassis can be mounted with a number of Micron sprayers, including shielded equipment, CDA atomisers or air-assisted spray heads to treat a range of crops.

Horstine reveals new granule applicator

Increased demand for Avadex granule applicators to control blackgrass has resulted in the launch of the Horstine Cascade. A similar design principle to the company’s existing TMA4, the Cascade has a wider boom, available up to 24m, and a larger 1500-litre hopper.

Application accuracy across the full working width of the boom is guaranteed using four application sections each with hydraulically-driven metering and an individual metering rotor on each distribution outlet.

Distribution outlets are spaced 1m apart allowing precise application of products in farming systems up to 40m in width. The Cascade applicator can also apply a range of other products such as slug pellets, granular fertiliser and small seeds.

Precision management

TeeJet’s new DynaJet Flex 7120 nozzle control system manages spray quality across a wide range of operating speeds and application rates.

The system, which can be retrofitted, allows the operator to choose the optimum speed that conditions allow while maintaining consistent droplet size. The compact touchscreen features a nozzle database that allows easy droplet size selection. Operators can also adjust nozzle flow capacity to operate at varying ground speeds or application volumes without changing nozzles. 

Tee Jet’s Aeros 9040 Field Computer now offers additional capabilities including tip flow monitoring, Isobus Universal Terminal (UT) functionality, and Wi-Fi data transfer. Integrated tip flow monitoring detects plugged or missing spray tips and provides an immediate alert on the Aeros console and an illuminated LED on the boom for easy identification of the problem. Nozzle faults are recorded and mapped on the as-applied report.

Trimble has announced its end-of-row turn technology is now available. When approaching the end of a crop row, NextSwath calculates and executes the best possible path to turn the farm vehicle around and approach the next crop row or swath.

This saves time and increases productivity while reducing crop damage and compaction at field boundaries. It also eliminates towed implement undershooting or overshooting, and minimises skips and overlaps when lining up for the next row. It is well suited for trailed implements or spraying.

Further information at www.cerealsevent.co.uk