St Colmcille’s HS, Crossgar, have an excellent day at Royal Highland Show

As part of the curriculum St Colmcille’s HS, Crossgar, are offering GCSE Agriculture and Land Use, the course is made up of theory, scientific practical investigations and daily operations of a farm.

The GCSE group have visited the Balmoral Show in Lisburn for the past two years running and this year some pupils took the lead and decided that they would like to visit the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh.

The pupils who are studying the GCSE are mainly from a rural or farming background.

The course content enters into many cross curricular areas mainly being scientific, numeracy and literacy.

The Highland Show had so much to offer the students in areas such as breeding and stock judging, farming technologies, food production and processing, farm diversification and harvesting methods.

The group have completed their tests for this academic year and visited the show on Friday 19th June.

A spokesman for the school said: “The trip taught some of the student’s skills for life as they have now experienced flying and now to be independent as some of these students will be leaving St Colmcille’s HS this year.

“I would recommend that many more pupils take up the opportunity to study GCSE Agriculture as there are many jobs within the Northern Ireland agriculture sector.

“The group have had educational visitors from Tesco, Ulster Young Farmers, DARD and many more; these students are now able to pursue careers that they may not otherwise have been aware of until visiting the Royal Highland Show and introducing themselves to the agriculture sector.”

Meanhile, pupil Katrina Killen said: “I enjoyed my day out at the Royal Highland Show 2015 it was a 
good entertaining, learning process that connected us with the animals, farm technologies and many other learning points from the year.”