Steady increase of sheep entries at Downpatrick

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A steady increase in entries at the weekly sheep sale on Saturday 30th April 2016 including breeding sheep returned a steady trade with fat lambs selling to £87.00 and fat ewes to £86.00. A Coiniamstown farmer’s lambs made to £3.78ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows;

FAT LAMBS: Coinaimstown farmer 23kg £87.00, Lisburn farmer 21kg £79.00, Downpatrick farmer 27kg £85.00, Loughinisland farmer 31kg £84.50, Downpatrick farmer 26kg £84.00, Ballyhossett farmer 24g £81.50, Coiniamstown farmer 30kg £80.00, Kilclief farmer 24kg £79.00, Ballyhossett farmer 24kg £78.00, Ardglass farmer 22kg £76.50 and Castlewellan farmer 19kg £55.00.

FAT EWES: Crossgar farmer £86.00, Legamaddy farmer £79.00, Loughinisland farmer £77.00, Coiniamstown farmer £76.00 & £75.00, Ballyhossett farmer £74.00, Castlewellan farmer £74.00, Lisburn farmer £74.00, Corbally farmer £70.00, Annacloy farmer £70.00, Ballyhossett farmer £68 & Ballykilbeg farmer £64.00.

Breeding Ewes: Loughinisland farmer, ewe with single lamb at foot £159, Annacloy farmer ewes with single lambs £147, £146 & £145, £145 & £138

Cattle sale

At the weekly cattle sale on Monday night, 2 May 2016, there was a good entry of quality store cattle. A Loughinisland farmer topped the sale with an LIM bullock at 280kg £600 (2.14ppk). In the heavy weight bullocks category, a Downpatrick farmer presented an LIM at 504kg £890 (1.766ppk).

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Loughinisland farmer 280kg LIM £600 (2.14ppk) and 306kg LIM £655 (2.14ppk), Newcastle farmer 316kg LIM £675 (2.13ppk) and 300kg LIM £635 (2.12ppk), Erinagh farmer 300kg CH £610 (2.03ppk) Loughinisland farmer 334kg AA £660 (1.98ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 302kg AA £595 (1.97ppk), Erinagh farmer 448kg LIM £875 (1.95ppk) and 320kg CH £620 (1.94ppk), Loughinisland farmer 438kg CH £840 (1.92ppk) and 480kg CH £910 (1.90ppk), Newcastle farmer 390kg LIM £730 (1.87ppk), Erinagh farmer 432kg BAZ £780 (1.81ppk), Ardglass farmer 450kg DAQ £810 (1.80ppk), Loughinisland farmer 486kg CH £870 (1.79ppk), Erinagh farmer 352kg AA £630 (1.79ppk) and Ardglass farmer 458kg DAQ £820 (1.79ppk)

HEIFERS: Loughinisland farmer 290kg AA £640 (2.21ppk) and 282kg LIM £580 (2.06ppk) and 312kg AA £590 (1.89ppk) and 450kg AA £825 (1.83ppk) & 470kg CH £860 (1.83ppk), Erinagh farmer 268kg CH £530 (1.98ppk), Loughinisland farmer 312kg AA £590 (1.89ppk) 470kg CH £860 (1.83ppk) & 466kg AA £850 (1.82ppk), Ballynoe farmer 316kg CH £575 (1.82ppk), Newcastle farmer 232kg LIM £410 (1.76ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 502kg AA £885 (1.76kg), Ballynoe farmer 276kg LIM £485 (1.76ppk) and Erinagh farmer 366kg CH £640 (1.75ppk).