Steady trade for all types of cattle at Pomeroy

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A steady trade for cattle on Thursday. Bullocks £800/390kg, heifers £870/430kg.

More stock needed to meet demand.

BULLOCKS: James Kelly £800/390kg, Joseph McNamee £765/380kg, £660/370kg, £605/350kg, Noel Graham £660/280kg, £650/290kg, Kevin Donnelly £650/270kg, £620/270kg.

HEIFERS: Michael Gormley £870/430kg, Kevin Talbot £735/420kg, Joseph McNamee £730/380kg, Michael Gormley £705/330kg, £680/320kg, Joseph McNamee £675/340kg, Stewart Graham £655/260kg, G McCrory £650/400kg, Brian Graham £635/330kg, G McCrory £625/390kg, Michael Gormley £620/300kg, Johnathon Cooke £605/420kg, £600/430kg, Stewart Graham £600/310kg, £590/300kg, Michael Fox £600/260kg, Kevin Gormley £595/280kg, Kevin Donnelly £585/320kg, Ciaran Donnelly £580/290kg.