Steady trade in all the rings at Enniskillen

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There was a good entry of cattle on offer at Thursday’s sales with a steady trade in all six rings.

Light weight bullocks selling from 200 to 237ppk for a CH 348kg at825, medium weights selling from 190-236ppk for a CH 406kg at 960, heavy lots selling from 180 to 210ppk for a LIM 534kg at 1125 and selling to a top of 1340.

Omagh producer CH 348kg at 825. Enniskillen producer CH 4060kg at 960, CH 410kg at900, CH 784kg at 1245. Lisburn producer CH 392kg at 895. Killadeas producer CH 760kg at 1340. Tempo producer CH 730kg at 1325, CH 644kg at 1225.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £925 paid for a 365kg CH, while HFRS ranged from £600 to £900 for a 419kg CH.

Ruling prices: Irvinestown producer 365kg CH hfr at 870, 333kg CH hfr at 725, 376kg CH steer at 845, 319kg CH hfr at 690. Trillick producer 329kg LIM hfr at 750, 418kg LIM steer at 900, 381kg LIM steer at 890, 399kg LIM steer at 920. Garrison producer 328kg CH hfr at 760, 308kg CH hfr at 715, 305kg CH steer at 810, 436kg CH steer at 905. Enniskillen producer 364kg CH hfr at 850, 330kg LIM hfr at 715, 325kg SIM hfr at 725, 419kg CH hfr at 900, 341kg LIM hfr at 720. Derrylin producer 359kg LIM hfr at 785, 366kg LIM hfr at 775, 243kg LIM hfr at 555, 285kg CH bull at 750, 356kg CH hfr at 775. Kinawley producer 318kg CH hfr at 740, 323kg AA bull at 700, 297kg CH hfr at 660, 370kg CH bull at 870, 365kg CH bull at 925. Garrison producer 365kg CH bull at 925, 376kg LIM bull at 870, 368kg SIM bull at 920, 337kg CH bull at 830, 348kg CH hfr at 785, 336kg CH hfr at 700, 256kg CH bull at 730, 205kg CH bull at 555, 231kg CH bull at 695, 284kg CH hfr at 705. Tempo producer 438kg CH bull at 965, 354kg LIM bull at 795. Derrygonnelly producer 358kg SIM bull at 745, 376kg SIM bull at 755, 368kg CH bull at 840, 344kg LIM bull at 745.

CALVES: Trillick producer LIM bull at 365. Ballinamallard producer AA bull at345, BB hfr at 275. Garvery producer BB bull at 320, BB bull at 280. Churchill producer AA bull at 300. Macken producer LIM bull at290, LIM bull at290, LIM bull at 265. Monea producer AA bull at 260.

Calves 2 Months: Newtown producer CH bull at 445. Enniskillen producer CH bull at 425

SUCKLER COWS: Kinawley producer LIM cow with bull at 1570, CH cow with hfr at 1160, SIM cow with hfr at 1150. Garrisson producer SHT cow with bull at 1450, SIM cow with hfr at 1270. Lisbellaw producer HERE cow with bull at 1290.


Forward lots sold to 200ppk paid for a 600kg CH at 1200, medium and lightweights sold from 184-205ppk paid for a 514kg CH at 1055.Enniskillen producer CH 600kg at 1200, CH 620kg at 1200, CH 600kg at 1180. Castlederg producer CH 514kg at 1050, CH 500kg at 1000. Derrylin producer CH 450kg at 900, CH 430kg at 870.

Fat cows : Beef lots sold to 175ppk paid for a 745kg CH at 1295 and to a top of at 1310, lighter weights from 100-183ppk paid for a 510kg CH at 930, FRE cows from 80-121ppk paid for a 716kg at 865. Leggs producer CH 880kg at 1310, CH 700kg at 1090. Florencecourt producer CH 740kg at 1295, CH 660kg at 1050. Derrylin producer CH 580kg at 960.