Stock sell to a great trade at Pomeroy

A smaller show of stock all sold to a great trade. Bullocks £940/440kg, Heifers up to £1390.

BULLOCKS: Gary Nugent £940/490kg, £910/440kg, Pearse Rafferty £890/390kg, Dessie Rafferty £870/390kg, £850/360kg, £850/380kg, £845/360kg, £840/340kg, Pearse Rafferty £760/370kg, Peter Monaghan £695/330kg, £630/330kg, £570/430kg, £550/370kg, Patrick Toner £470/340kg

HEIFERS: Robert Robinson £1390, John Quinn £1220, S McNelis £1075, Gary Nugent £900/480kg, Bracken Farms £770/640kg, £760/560kg, Peter Monaghan £650/250kg, Bernard McAleer £650/330kg, Robert McCann £6100/240kg, £585, £550/240kg, Raymond Lagan £490/230kg, Peter Monaghan £435/250kg, S McNelis £425/230kg, £380/180kg