Store heifers sell to £1410 at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

What can only be described as a terrific cattle sale on Friday, November 29, saw store heifers sell to £1410 for a 20 month Charolais from Clanmaghery.

A 17 month Aberdeen Angus heifer from Donaghcloney sold at £1220.

Bullocks sold to £1315 from Rathfriland.

Another tremendous entry of weanlings sold to £885 for 424k Aberdeen Angus male from Loughinisland.

Females sold to £760 for Belgian Blue from Ballyward.

A top ppk of 287.4p paid for 174k Charolais male at £500.

Fat cows and bulls sold to £1150 for 960k from Benraw.

Dropped calves sold to £360 for Aberdeen Angus male from Dromara, with a second lot selling to £350.


Dromara farmer pen of Aberdeen Angus male and females sold to £360, £350, £275, £275, £260 and £255. Loughbrickland farmer Simmental bull at £290, Rathfriland farmer Belgian Blue bull at £290, Dechomet farmer Hereford males at £280, £275 and Ballyward farmer Aberdeen Angus bull at £270 Aberdeen Angus heifer at £260.

Friesians bulls cleared up to £250 twice from Dromara farmer.


Loughinisland farmer 424k at £885, 280k at £750, 336k at £750, 290k at £690 and 260 at £670. Dolly’s Brae farmer 174k at £500 (287.4ppk). Lisburn farmer 292k at £750, 288k at £710, 296k at £715, Newline farmer 326k at £790, 302k at £605 and Clanmaghery farmer 284k at £705, 224k at £550, 322k at £760, 262k at £700, 332k at £800.


Ballyward farmer 730k at £1410, 512k at £1105, 510k at £980. Donaghcloney farmer 616k at £1220, 608k at £1070, 600k at £1055. Shanrod farmer 596k at £1045, 584k at £1015 and Danmolly farmer 560k at £980, 560k at £975.


Benraw farmer 965k at £1150. Shinn farmer 742k at £1030. Waringstown farmer 704k at £800 etc


Rathfriland farmer 698k at £1315, 628k at £1200, 610k at £1115, 634k at £1200, 568k at £1100, 582k at £1080, 654k at £1125. Ballyward farmer 628K at £1180, 610k at £1105, 574k at £1050, 538k at £1030, 588k at £1005, 554k at £1000. Damolly farmer 604k at £1080, 620K at £1070, 648k at £1015.

Sheep prices on the rise for lambs on Tuesday evening (December 3).


Castlewellan farmer 27kg at £100, Poyntzpass farmer 32kg at £88, Dromara farmer 30kg at £88, Ardarragh farmer 24kg at £87.50, Poyntzpass farmer 27.5kg at £87 and Banbridge farmer 26.1kg at £87 and Tyrella farmer 25.5kg at £87.


Ewes reached a top of £119 for Ballinaskeagh farmer. Ballykinler farmer £107, Kilcoo farmer £107, Kilcoo farmer £106, Rathfriland farmer £104, Downpatrick farmer £102 and Hillsborough farmer £99.

A lamb kindly presented by the Sloane family reached £100 with the proceeds being donated to the Southern Area Hospice.