Store heifers sell to £990 at Lisnaskea Mart

Lisnaskea Mart
Lisnaskea Mart

There was a seasonal entry of Cattle at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales on Tuesday, September 10 with a lot of quality stock on offer producing a strong demand for most types.

Leading prices: Store heifers sold to £990 for a 510kg Charolais (£194).

Store bullocks sold to £990 for a 470kg Charolais (£210.50).

Weanling steers and bulls sold to £850 for a 410kg Limousin (£207) and selling to a top of £241 per 100kg for a 270kg Charolais to £650.

Weanling heifers sold to £880 for a 450kg Charolais (£195.50) and reaching £243 per 100kg for a 290kg Charolais to £705.


Store bullocks: Maguiresbridge producer 470kg Charolais to £990 (£210), 500kg Charolais to £960 (£192) and 460kg Charolais to £935 (£203). Lisnaskea producer 480kg Limousin to £750, 460kg Limousin to £750, 400kg Hereford to £690. Belturbitt producer 450kg Limousin to £800.


Maguiresbridge producer 510kg Charolais to £990 (£194) Lisnaskea producer 570kg Charolais to £965, 560kg Limousin to £955, 520kg Charolais to £900 and 540kg Charolais to £850. Lisnaskea producer 510kg Charolais to £870.


Newtownbutler producer 410kg Limousin to £850 (£207) 350kg Limousin to £745 (£213) and 420kg Limousin to £685. Newtownbutler producer 470kg Charolais to £825, 460kg Limousin to £780, 470kg Limousin to £775 and 410kg Aberdeen Angus to £760. Derrylin producer 400kg Shorthorn to £745, 420kg Shorthorn to £725 and 360kg Limousin to £570. Lisnaskea producer 380kg Simmental to £720 and 270kg Simmental to £620. Kinawley producer 340kg Limousin to £690 and 270kg Charolais to £675 (£233). Rosslea producer 270kg Charolais to £650 (£241).


Derrylin producer 450kg Charolais to £880 (£195.50) 390kg Charolais to £765, and 400kg Charolais to £750. Rosslea producer 360kg Charolais to £720 (£200) and 290kg Charolais to £705 ((£243) Newtownbutler producer 350kg Limousin to £650.

More stock required to supply growing demand.