Stories In Sound: Culchie and Proud

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Stories In Sound: Culchie and Proud, on BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Foyle on Sunday 29 March at 12.30pm, takes listeners from Kilrea to Crossmaglen, through the country roads of Tandragee and Pomeroy and as far along as Cong in County Mayo, to sample the rural richness of accent and dialect to be found in the countryside.

Despite its original derogatory connotations, the term “culchie” is often worn more recently as a badge of honour, as many country people demonstrate a deep sense of pride in their rural backgrounds and communities.

The programme hears from a self-confessed ‘Culchie Gangster’, a linguistic expert, former Kings of the Culchies, and a host of country people as it explores the accents, dialects, characteristics and customs that make the world of the ‘culchie’ unique.

Producer, Louise McCreesh says: “I’m from a country background myself and, having lived in various cities since university, I’ve often thought about where I now sit on the “culchie” spectrum. Since making the documentary, I tend to agree with one of the contributors who asserts that “once a culchie, always a culchie.” The accents, stories and dialects found in rural areas never fail to entertain and surprise me and the programme was a delight to make and it was great to meet the contributors, each of whom was “outstanding” in their own field.”

Repeated Thursday, April 2, at 7.30pm.