Stray dog targeting sheep in Cookstown - warning

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A stray dog is hunting sheep and killing lambs in the Cookstown area, a local councillor has warned

Ulster Unionist Mark Glasgow said he has been in contact with the dog warden in a bit to stop the attacks.

He added: “Over these past few days and past week I have received a number of calls from concerned sheep farmers and residents regarding a stray dog that is hunting sheep and has killed a number of lambs.

“I have been in contact with the dog warden and the council officer regarding this situation and together we are working to stop these huntings and attacks.

“The dog warden has introduced measures that have been put in place and is doing everything they can to stop these attacks. I would appeal to the people living in the area of Kildress, Tulnacross and Ballynasollus areas to ensure their dog or dogs are not allowed to stray off into the fields as we are in the lambing season and if anyone sees a stray dog or dogs they need to call the Dog Warden at the Council,” he added.