Strong Assembly “vital” for the industry - Simpson

David Simpson - Upper Bann.jpg
David Simpson - Upper Bann.jpg

Upper Bann MP and DEFRA Committee member David Simpson has said that a strong Assembly is vital for the agri-food industry.

He was commenting ahead of Thursday’s Assembly Election.

He added: “As we stand at the dawn of another Assembly Election, candidates in rural areas will no doubt have been listening to the trials and concerns of those working within the agri-foods industry. I would call on farmers and processors to get out on Thursday and elect a Government that will stand up and fight for your industry.

“The sector will continue to be the cornerstone of the Northern Ireland economy, despite the global economic downturn. With employment in advance of 100,000 people, I trust that the agri-foods industry will be placed at the heart for the Northern Ireland Executive. As a member of the Westminster DEFRA Committee I pledge to work closely with Assembly members and those working within the ‘new look’ Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs,” added Mr Simpson.

“Farmers can take confidence in the knowledge that Arlene Foster made it clear in her manifesto that she will press for fairness within the supply chain, job centred rural development and further investment in broadband services. The agri-foods industry has a huge part to play in moving our province forward, and we need a strong Assembly to ensure it’s protection.”