Strong demand for cattle at Enniskillen

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A strong demand of cattle on offer at Enniskillen. In the bullock ring lightweights sold from 210- 250ppk for a 388kg CH at 970. Medium weights sold from 200 – 236ppk for a 422kg CH at 995. Heavy lots selling from 185-206p/kg for a CH 506kg at £1045.

BULLOCKS: Enniskillen producer 388kg at 970 CH. Ennniskillen producer 422kg at 995 CH. Fintona producer 420kg at 950 CH. Derryhowlagh producer 444kg at 1000 CH. Enniskillen producer 436kg at 920 CH. Fintona producer 430kg at 890 CH. Enniskillen producer 404kg at 835 CH. Rosslea producer 506kg at 1045 CH.

WEANLINGS: In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £570 to £955 paid for a 425kg CH while heifers ranged from £500 to £890 for a 438kg CH.

Ruling prices: Macken producer 425kg CH bull at 955, 351kg CH bull at 830, Newtownbutler producer 258kg CH bull at 655, 299kg CH hfr at 800, 438kg CH hfr at 890, Enniskillen producer 296kg LIM bull @ 690, 322kg CH steer @ 720, Irvinestown producer 343kg LIM bull at 750, 332kg LIM bull at 725, Florencecourt producer 322 CH bull at 720, 296kg LIM bull at 690, Lisnaskea producer 369kg CH hfr at 835, 280kg LIM hfr at 555, 305kg CH hfr at 695, Kesh producer 308kg CH hfr at 685, 253kg CH bull at 670, 347 CH bull at 850.

CALVES: Kinawley producer CH bull at 395. Bellaneleck producer CH bull at 320. Tamlaght producer BB bull at 275. Irvinestown producer BB bull at 265. Tempo producer AA bull at 242. Macken producer BB hfr at 265. Derrylin producer HER hfr at 220. Enniskillen producer AA hfr at 215. Tempo producer AA hfr at 215. Derrygonnelly producer LIM hfr at 205. Letterbreen producer FR bull at 90. Trillick producer FR bull at 70. Macken producer FR bull at 70.

SUCKLER COWS: Derrygonnelly producer SIM cow with bull calf at 1800. Lisnaskea producer CH cow with bull calf at 1380. Derrygonnelly producer CH cow with hfr calf at 1350. Lack producer LIM cow hfr calf at 1300. Omagh producer SIM cow with hfr at 1280. Monea producer SIM with hfr calf at 1260.

HEIFERS: Castlederg producer 720kg at 1185. Tempo producer 488kg at 920. Tempo producer 518kg at 920. Tempo producer 616kg at 1035.