Strong demand for quality cattle at Clogher


Another great entry of 1202 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart this week sold to a strong demand for quality lots in all sections.

In the Fatstock Ring Cow Heifers sold to £194 for a 570kg Lim, £183 for a 570kg Char. and £175 for a 660kg Char. Beef Cows sold to £180 for a 830kg Daq. £171 for a 810kg B/Blue and £161 for a 770kg Lim.

Leading prices: Augher Producer 570kg Lim. to £194. Newtownbutler Producer 570kg Ch. to £183 and 580kg Ch. to £156. Portadown Producer 830kg Daq. to £180. Augher Producer 430kg Ch. to £176. Portadown Producer 660kg Ch. to £175. Dungannon Producer 810kg B/B. to £171. Portadown Producer 560kg B/B. to £168. Lisnaskea Producer 620kg Lim. to £165. Augher Producer 770kg Lim. to £161. 710kg Ch. to £160. Portadown Producer 690kg Sim. to £159. Cooneen Producer 650kg Lim. to £158 and 630kg ;Lim. to £156. Fivemiletown Producer 610kg Lim. to £154 and 710kg Lim. to £150. Fintona Producer 600kg Lim. to £153. Armagh Producer 570kg Lim. to £152. Derrylin Producer 690kg Lim. to £152. Pomeroy Producer 670kg Lim. to £151 and 630kg Lim. to £150.

Other quality lots sold from £130 to £147 per 100kg

2nd quality lots sold from £112 to £128 per 100kg

Heavy friesian cows sold from £111 to £120 per 100kg

Plainer lots sold from £84 to £106 per 100kg

Poorer types sold from £52 to £77 per 100kg

FAT BULLS: 1080kg Lim. to £140, 1000kg Char. to £115, 870kg Her. to £113, 890kg Lim. to £110, 1010kg Lim. to £106, 910kg Char. to £100, 1130kg Lim. to £97, 1020kg Char. to £96.

FAT STEERS (overage): 700kg Sim. to £177. 630kg Daq. to £175. 670kg AA. to £172. 660kg Lim. to £170. 560kg Her. to £168. 570kg Lim. to £161. 650kg AA. to £160. 630kg AA. to £160. 560kg Sim. to £154. 600kg Ch. to £148. 630kg Im. to £135. 700kg Fr. to £129. 500kg Hol. to £122.

FAT STEERS (underage): 510kg Ch. to £198. 550kg Daq. to £198. 660k Ch. to £188. 630kg B/B. to £182. 540kg Sim. to £176. 550kg Sim. to £176. 680kg Shb. to £172. 480kg Her. to £169. 510kg AA. to £157. 750kg S/h. to £156. 710kg Fr. to £148.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 610kg Daq. to £193. 550kg Ch. to £187. 660kg Ch. to £180. 550kg AA. to £179. 520kg Ch. to £172. 410kg Lim. to £171. 450kg Her. to £166. 510kg Lim. to £165. 510kg AA. to £163. 490kg B/B. to £162. 470kg Ch. to £159. 670kg Sim. to £157. 440kg B/B. to £155. 590kg Fr. to £145.


A good entry of quality stores on offer sold readily with forward lots selling to £1390 for a 740kg Ch. £1380 for a 710kg Ch. £1345 for a 740kg Ch. and £1340 for a 690kg Lim. for R Sands Newry. E J McDaid Beragh 670kg AA. to £1315. H Macauly Ballyclare 670kg Lim. to £1315, 630kg Lim. to £1255 and 590kg Lim. to £1255. S Gardiner Armagh 710kg Ch. to £1315. J Taggart Coalisland 720kg Lim. to £1305. D E Hicks Ballinamallard 690kg Lim. to £1300. M McGoldrick Pomeroy 620kg B/B. to £1270. W J Parkes Lurgan 660kg Ch. to £1260 and 650kg Ch. to £1240. Cookstown Producer 640kg Ch. to £1250and 590kg Ch. to £1230. W J & G Falls Aughnacloy 600kg Ch. to £1235. E Campbell Coalisland 590kg Lim. to £1235 and 630kg Daq. to £1205. I S Farrell Fivemiletown 650kg Ch. to £1210.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: M McAnespie Omagh 490kg Ch. to £1045, 470kg Lim. to £985, 480kg Lim. to £970, 490kg Lim. to £965, 490kg Ch. to £950, and 490kg Ch. to £945. D Williamson Portadown 480kg Daq. to £995, 500kg Daq. to £995, and 470kg Lim. to £930. A Lynch Ballygawley 480kg Lim. to £995470kg Lim. to £945 and 440kg Lim. to £930. G P O Neill Lurgan 440kg Ch. to £985 and 450kg Ch. to £940. Gayle Matchett Portadown 430kg Ch. to £980. W H Harkness Crumlin 450kg Lim. to £980. J McCaffery Derrylin 480kg Ch. to £975. F L Lee Lisnaskea 450kg Ch. to £955. and 470kg Lim. to £930. G Benson Donaghmore 450kg AA. to £935.

SMALLER STORES 400KG & UNDER: F Lee Lisnaskea 340kg Ch. to £830. R Kelly Pomeroy 320kg Lim. to £620 and 300kg Lim. to £540.


A large turnout in this section sold to a sharp demand with strong stores selling to £1265 for a 630kg Ch. from Harvey Keys Fivemiletown W S Hall Magheraveely sold 610kg Ch. to £1235, 580kg Ch. to £1185 , 580kg Ch. to £1175, 570kg Ch. to £1170, 560kg Ch. to £1145, and 560kg Ch. to £1100. B Cairns Dromara 580kg Ch. to £1205 and 580kg Ch. to £1195. T J Aiken Kesh 620kg Lim. to £1185. P Mohan Fivemiletown 600kg Lim. to £1180. P J McCarney Fintona 570kg Lim. to £1150. Geo Potts Dungannon 550kg Lim. to £1150, 530kg Lim. to £1110, and 570kg Ch. to £1110. M Irwin Clogher 550kg Lim. to £1125, and 580kg Lim. to £1125. A Boyd Tempo 610kg AA. to £1125. W H Harkness Crumlin 550kg Lim. to £1110. J Killen Crossgar 550kg Ch. to £1105.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: Harvey Keys Fivemiletown 500kg Ch. to £1070, 500kg Ch. to £1050 and 480kg Ch. to £950. M McGirr Tempo 500kg Ch. to £1065490kg Ch. to £1045, 480kg AA. to £1000, 480kg B/B. to £980, 480kg Ch. to £980. J Killen Crossgar 500kg Ch. to £1045, 460kg Ch. to £975 and 460kg Ch. to £945. Ballygawley Producer 480kg Lim. to £1035. P J McCullagh Omagh 470kg Lim. to £1005 and 450kg Lim. to £920. E O Neill Ballygawley 490kg Lim. to £1000. C Williamson Portadown 460kg Lim. to £995, 460kg Ch. to £960 and 440kg Ch. to £920.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: E Murray Killylea 400kg Lim. to £845, 380kg Lim. to £740, 380kg Lim. to £690, 340kg Lim. to £670, 370kg Lim. to £640 and 370kg Sim. to £635. J Crawford Maguiresbridge 400kg Lim. to £835 and 350kg Lim. to £685. S McKenna Clogher 380kg Ch. to £830. J J McGirr Augher 380kg Lim. to £785, 390kg Lim. to £775 and 370kg Lim. to £740. E McBride Ballygawley 400kg Ch. to £735, 390kg Ch. to £685, and 350kg Ch. to £655 H Sinnamon Pomeroy 350kg Lim. to £670. C McCombe Clogher 320kg Lim. to £620.


A seasonal entry sold readily with a strong demand for quality lots Steers & Bulls sold to £945 for a 470kg Lim. £870 for a 410kg Sim. and £810 for a 360kg Lim. to M G Donnelly Augher. Paul Hughes Benburb sold 490kg Sim. to £930, 500kg Ch. to £920, 480kg AA. to £885, 450kg Sim. to £845, 450kg AA. to £845, 490kg Ch. to £845, 440kg Ch. to £830 , 430kg Sim. to £820 and 460kg B/B. to £810. Hugh O Kane Carnlough sold a 340kg Ch. to make £900 and a 350kg Ch. to £880. M O Neill Ballygawley 460kg Ch. to £900. P McConnell Clogher 390kg B/B. to £870 and 390kg Lim. to £820. R J McCormick Fintona 370kg Par. to £830 M Mc Grath Derrylester 390kg Ch. to £820.

WEANLING HEIFERS: M G Donnelly Augher 410kg Sim. to £835, 400kg Sim. to £820, and 380kg Sim. to £700. F McCaffery Derrylin 370kg Ch. to £785, and 400kg Ch. to £760. B O Neill Dungannon 300kg Shb. to £760, 350kg Lim. to £725, 370kg Ch. to £715, and 340kg Lim. to £640. A& A Armstrong Tempo 360kg Lim. to £745. J Killen Crossgar 300kg Ch. to £705. F O Neill Ballygawley 340kg Ch. to £710. D & F Anderson Irvinestown 320kg Ch. to £700and 340kg Ch. to £650. A & A Armstrong Tempo 350kg Ch. to £680. P Hackett Eskra 370kg Lim. to £660. W H Harkness Crumlin 380kg B/B. to £650. D Williamson Fivemiletown 310kg Lim. to £645 and 340kg Lim. to £640.


Strong demand this week again with a dungannon Producer selling Calved Heifers to £1400 and £1300. B McStravick Aghagallon £1280 for Calved Heifer. C McGinley Ballygawley £1100 and £1000 for Calved Heifers.

BREEDING BULLS: Stewartstown Producer £1200 for Ped. Reg. Hereford. P J Conwel l Donamana £1040 for Ped. Non Reg Char.

Another full house this week again sold to a good steady demand with M/S S B & N Robinson Clogher selling a 2011 Cow & Bull Calf to £1850. H N Berry Tynan sold a 2nd Calver & Bull Calf to £1550 and 05 Cow & Heifer Calf to £1090. P D McGartland Dungannon £1525 for 2nd Calver & Heifer Calf and £1400 for 2010 Cow & Bull Calf to £1400. G Kearns Rosslea £1415 for 2011 Cow & Heifer Calf. £1300 for 08 Cow & Bull Calf and £1020 for 07 Cow & Heifer Calf. A Graham Trillick £1380 for 2nd Calver & Bull Calf. T McKenna Omagh £1300 for 2011 Cow & Heifer Calf ££1160 for 2nd Calver & Bull Calf and £1130 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. M McArdle Derrynoose £1250 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. E A Lindsay Florencecourt £1240 for 2nd Calver & Bull Calf. B Mallon Eglinton £1225 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. Several other outfits sold from £910 to £1200.

INCALF COWS & HEIFERS: B Murphy £1345, £1275, £1275, and £1100. Pomeroy Producer £1280.

Remember Special sale of Top Quality Suckler Cows & Calves on Thursday Evening 11 Aug at 7-30 pm


Another good entry sold to a keen demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months ) selling to £490, £440 and £425 for Limms to an Augher Producer. S J Kelly Dungannon £420, £405 and £370 for AAs. Pomeroy Producer £410 for Ch. W H Harpur Castlederg £340 for Ch. D McManus Derrylin £335 for Lim. C Quinn Dungannon £335 for B/B. T McKernan Middletown £320 for Lim. R J Hoy Monea £315 for AA. R B Magee Cornafanogue £315 for AA.

HEIFERS: G Hanna Irvinestown £350 for Char. R Hadden Dungannon £350 for Lim. D McManus Derrylin £330 for Lim. J R Keys Brookeborough £325 for Sim. W H Stockdale Clogher £320 for B/B. M F Nugent £605 for a 410kg Char.

REARED BULLS: F Corrigan Clogher 645 for Ch. and £525 for AA. D R Orr Donemana 585 for Lim. and £445 for Ch. J McCarney Brookeborough £575 for Ch. £and 520 for Her. E Woods Tempo £455 for Lim. B Cullen Tullysarron £435 for Sim.

REARED HEIFERS: M & G Monaghan Augher £755, £560 and £550 for Chars. K Moore Augher £560 for Ch. Gortavoy Farms Pomeroy £550 for Lim. T Simpson Ederney £540 for Ch. S Feeney Greysteel £530 for Her. and £400 for Ch. M F Nugent Dungannon £500 for Lim. Pomeroy Producer £470 for Sim. and £450 for Ch. P McGleenan Armagh £420 for Ch. B Mallon Eglinton £375 for Ch.