Strong demand for sheep at Markethill

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An entry of 930 sheep at Markethill returned the strongest demand for fat hoggets for some time, with prices increased by £5 to £6 per head on the week.

Heavy hoggets sold to £88.20 each for 24.8kilos (356) with a further 18 pens selling in excess of £86 each. Top rate of 363p per kilo was paid for 24kilos at £87 each. All good quality pens sold from 345p to 361p per kilo. In all, 425 heavy hoggets averaged 25.7kilos at £85.80 each (334p).

Middleweights sold from 340p to 360p per kilo for 21 kilos at £75.50 each.

Stores sold to 315p to 347p per kilo for 18.3 kilos at £63.50 each.

Cull ewes sold to £83 each. Main demand sold from £70 to £81 each. Plainer ewes sold from £45 to £60 each.

Ewes and doubles sold from £172 to £195 each. Singles sold from £120 to £155 each. In-lamb ewes sold to £140 each. Several pens sold from £110 to £138 each.


Markethill farmer: 24k £87 363p: Clady farmer: 24k £86.50 361p: Markethill farmer: 24.3k £87 358p: Portadown farmer: 24.8k £88.20 356p: Mountnorris farmer: 24.7k £87.20 353p: Newry farmer: 25k £88 352p: Loughgall farmer: 24.9k £87.50 352p: Armagh farmer: 25k £88 351p: Armagh farmer: 25k £88 351p: Glenanne farmer: 24.2k £84.80 350p: Scarva farmer: 25k £87.50 350p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HOGGETS: Portadown farmer: 21k £75.50 360p: Banbridge farmer: 21.3k £75 352p: Portadown farmer: 21.6k £76 352p: Keady farmer: 23.2k £80.80 348p: Armagh farmer: 22k £76.50 348p: Glenanne farmer: 22.8k £79 347p: Armagh farmer: 22.7k £78 344p: Armagh farmer: 23.2k £79.50 343p: Lurgan farmer: 22.6k £77.20 342p.

STORES: Aughnacloy farmer: 18.3k £63.50 347p: Portadown farmer: 19.5k £66.80 343p: Glenanne farmer: 18k £61 339p: Portadown farmer: 17.5k £59 337p: Tassagh farmer: 18.6k £62 333p: Jerrettspass farmer: 19.2k £62 323p: Tynan farmer: 18.9k £60 318p.