Strong prices see bullocks sell to £1480 at Draperstown Mart

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Last Friday at Draperstown there was another week of serious strong prices.

Farmers sold without question as bullocks make up to £1480/750kg, heifers £1300/710kg, weanling up to £1125 and fat cows £1232/700kg.

BULLOCKS: Michael O’Neill £1480/750kg, Kevin Moran £1440/760kg, Ralph Pickering £1285/610kg, Elizabeth Kennedy £1275/590kg, £1270/590kg,£1160/580kg, Brendan McHenry £1245/760kg, Ronald Davidson £1205/610kg, Sarah Henry £1190/570kg, £1180/590kg, £1175/590kg, £1160/570kg, £1120/580kg, Ronald Davidson £1180/630kg, £1175/590kg, £1150/650kg, £1130/600kg, £1120/590kg, £1120/620kg, £1100/590kg, £1100/570kg, £1095/520kg, Roddy Kearney £1125/510kg, Jerome McGoldrick £1100/590kg, £1085/1085/540kg, Kieran Quigg £1070/490kg, Henry Kearney £1070/610kg, Sarah Henry £1055/560kg, Elizabeth Kennedy £1050/530kg, Patrick McKenna £1010/560kg, Jerome McGoldrick £1000/520kg, Vivian Black £1000/470kg, Roddy Kearney £970/500kg, Stephen McKenna £970/530kg.

HEIFERS: Michael O’Neill £1300/690kg, £1300/710kg, £1280/690kg, 31260/670kg, £1260/660kg, £1240/610kg, £1235/650kg, £1190/600kg, £1155/620kg, £1150/600kg, £1150/610kg, £1090/620kg, £1075/560kg, £1035/590kg, Elizabeth Kennedy £1145/550kg, £1060/530kg, Oliver O’Neill £1095/590kg, £980/530kg, Tony Kelly £1040/500kg, Sean and Dermot McReynolds £970/500kg, £965/500kg, £935/470kg,£900/450kg, Lewis Quinn £960/500kg, W Spence £955/510kg, £905/490kg, Michael McKenna £925/480kg, Mervyn Murphy £905/480kg, V Black £900/500kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Chales Loughran £1125/500kg, £1070/480kg, £800/390kg, Gerard Doyle £760/350kg, Raymond Lagan £685/280kg, Joseph Connolly £590/290kg, £565/320KG, £500/290kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: Francis Donnelly £425/290KG, Joseph Connolly £480/280kg, £420/280kg, Mervyn Murphy £400/230kg.

FAT COWS: Charles Loughran £1232/700kg, Nigel Fields £1160.70/730kg,Michael McKenna £1157.10/870kg, W Galway £1112/800kg,Ballinacross £1095/730kg, Michael Burt £1072.10/710kg, Charles Loughran £993.60/690kg, Tony Kelly £957.60/560kg, £950.40/540kg, Thomas Black £93810/590kg, £921.60/720kg, Patrick McCullagh £910.20/820kg, Thomas Black £910/650kg, £870.40/640kg, £865.80/780kg, £833/700kg, £826.20/540kg,Sean Gormley £895.40/740kg, Seamus Loughran £884/680kg, Derek Campbell £873.20/740kg, Henry Palmer £832/800kg, Gerry O’Hagan £825.50/650kg, Michael McKenna £804/670kg, Sean Gormley £797.30/670kg, W Galway £780/650kg, Gerard Doherty £730.80/580kg.