Strong trade at Fivemiletown

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The slightly smaller show on offer due to the good weather, again sold to a strong trade.

The following a brief report of prices:

BULLOCKS/BULLS: B Dalton, Fintona, Lim £885/330 kg, £850/310 kg, A Wiltshire, Fivemiletown, Lim £875/350 kg, £845/350 kg, £780/340 kg, £750/300 kg. L Duncan, Tempo, Lim £800/380 kg. E McKenna, Fivemiletown £825/320 kg, £690/300 kg. M Foy, Tempo, Lim £815/340 kg, £745/290 kg, £795/280 kg, £725/290 kg. P McCaffrey, Tempo, Lim £830/330 kg, £690/350 kg. M McElwaine, Fivemiletown, Lim £830/330 kg, £760/300 kg, £750/300 kg. J Patrick, Monea, Char £740/330 kg. S Smyth, Roslea, AA £600/230 kg. P Johnston, Clabby, AA £710/320 kg. D Murphy, Roslea, Sim £655/320 kg, £650/260 kg, £610/260 kg.

FEMALES: R Little, Tempo, Her £865/440 kg. R Johnston, Fivemiletown, AA £770/440 kg, £730/340 kg. D Murphy, Roslea, Char £720/310 kg. T Taylor, Derrylin, Char £680/280 kg.

SUCKLING COWS WITH CALVES: M Colton, Omagh, £1380 and £1260 for ’11 Cows with Heifer Calves. D Wilson, Magheraveeley, £1200 for an ’11 Cow and Bull Calf.