Strong trade at Plumbridge mart

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There was a strong trade for all types of stock this week at Plumbridge.

Suckers sold to £1540 for 2009 Cow in calf to Patterson Bros. They also sold cows at £1360, £1240, £1220, £1210, £1200, £1060, £1000 and £1000. In calf heifers £1510, £1240, and £960 to A. Gordon.

Store bullocks P. V. O’Neill 460kg/£925, 430kg/£930, 430kg/£910. W. D. Millar 390kg/£900, 390kg/£900, 390kg/£830, D. Sheerin 320kg/£905, 450kg/£900, 340kg/£770, 370kg/£840, 260kg/£680, J. McAleer 360kg/£890, F. McAleer 400kg/£965, 410kg/£950, 320kg/£855, J.J. McAleer 380kg/£890, 380kg/£760, D. Orr 430kg/£970, 440kg/£970, 410kg/£930, D. Millar 280kg/£610, 260kg/£605, 240kg/£515, 210kg/£540 for Angus.

Heifers D. Baird 260kg/£675, 280kg/£675, 360kg/£670, 340kg/£630, W. D. Millar 330kg/£710, J. J. McAleer 550kg/£1040, 610kg/£980,D. Sheerin 340kg/£800, 420kg/£700, C. McAneney 330kg /£705, 320kg/£670, 310kg/£660, M and E Coyle 410kg/£765.

Sheep: M. McGurk £131 for in lamb ewe Hoggs, B. Harkin £98, £95 and £85. Mule dry Hoggs B. Flanagan £101, £99 and £92 for 4 Yr Cheviots in lamb. B. Kerlin £89 Dry Hoggs? Fat lambs sold to £90 going to O. McAleer.