Strong trade for cattle at Draperstown

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Another very strong trade on Friday as cattle sold to a packed ringside.

Bullocks £1295/640kg, heifers £1195/590kg, weanlings up to £890, suckler cows £1500 and fat cows £1305/960kg.

BULLOCKS: Meredith Gibson, £1295/640kg, A Hannah, £1280/650kg, £1220/640kg, Darren Henderson, £1275/620kg, £1220/640kg, M O’Kane, £1225/640kg, £1210/590kg, Phelim Diamond, £1205/620kg, Meredith Gibson, £1195/610kg, C Farlow, £1195/600kg, £1190/600kg, Darren Henderson, £1170/590kg, M O’Kane, £1165/580kg, £1145/530kg, £1100/510kg, £1090/530kg, £1065/520kg, £1040/560kg, £1040/5120kg, Darren Henderson, £1150/630kg, John McKenna, £1145/630kg, £1055/630kg, George Johnston, £1135/620kg, £1955/600kg, Thomas Booth, £1045/620kg, Darren Henderson, £1035/550kg, David Duncan, £1030/540kg, Robert and Maurice Lyttle, £1030/520kg, F Harpur, £1030/500kg, £1025/480kg, David Nesbitt, £1000/580kg, B and R Kelly, £980/480kg, £955/530kg, John McKenna, £965/580kg.

HEIFERS: C Daly, £1195/590kg, £1190/600kg, Matthew Tracey, £1185/600kg, John Foster, £1120/600kg, John Cassidy, £1070/550kg, Francis Cushenan, £1020/510kg, S O’Kane, £1000/570kg, John Cassidy, £1000/580kg, Francis Cushenan, £1000/480kg, £1000/490kg, T and F Johnston, £985/560kg, Patrick Lagan, £975/570kg, Alaistair Gibson, £955/510kg, £925/550kg, M O’Kane, £905/490kg, Robert and Maurice Lyttle, £900/490kg,£800/460kg, Matthew Tracey, £890/480kg, Patrick Lagan, £880/510kg, John Foster, £875/480kg, Alaistair Gibson, £875/520kg, £870/520kg, S Bradley, £840/370kg, Patrick Lagan, £840/520kg, Alaistair Gibson, £805/450kg, £800/450kg David Duncan, £800/480kg, John Foster, £800/450kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: John Conway, £890/420kg, £800/420kg, £790/390kg,£760/440kg, £740/390kg, £740400kg, S Bradley, £800/350kg, £790/370kg, £775/360kg, £730/350kg, £725/370kg, £710/350kg, M and P Conway, £715/380kg, £620/350kg, J Conway, £690/320kg, £680/360kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALE: S Bradley, £825/410kg, £800/370kg, £790/390kg, £720/360kg, £700/380kg, £700/380kg, £700/380kg, Ralph Pickering, £750/380kg, D Dowling, £750/350kg, £740/325kg, M and P Conway, £660/310kg, W Spence, £645/320kg, Jame Buchanan, £605/260kg.

SUCKLER COWS: Wesley Hamilton, £1500, Kieran Loughran, £1500, Kevin Kelly, £1240, K Quinn, £1150, Wesley Hamilton, £1140, £1010, £1000, Sean Grant, £1070.

FAT COWS: Joe Logue, £1305/960kg, Matthew Tracey, £1092.20/860kg, James O’Loughlin, £1015.20/720kg, M O’Kane, £990.60/780kg, £976.50/750kg, James Miller, £983.40/660kg, Patrick O’Kane, £963.60/660kg, Roseleen McKinless, £940.50/570kg, M O’Kane, £907.20/720kg, James Millar, £897.80/670kg, Ralph Pickering, £883.30/730kg, Gerard McCrory, £858.40/580kg, Roseleen McKinless, £849.40/620kg.